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Unidentified man found collapsed on street among 5 new Covid deaths

05 May 2022

By The SUN

Tests at Caritas Medical Centre showed the unknown man had brain hemorrhage

A man whose age or identity is unknown was among five Covid-related deaths reported Thursday by health authorities.

The man was found unconscious in the street at about 5am on Monday and was initially rushed to Caritas Medical Centre where a brain scan showed he had brain hemorrhage.

He was then transferred to Kwong Wah Hospital where he tested positive for Covid-19 with a Ct value of 34.2, indicating a low viral load. He was intubated but eventually died early yesterday.


Dr Larry Lee of the Hospital Authority said they have yet to establish the person’s identity, medical history or age, but initial reports said he was not an elderly person.

The four other fatalities, on the other hand, were aged between 86 and 97 years old.

Meanwhile, the number of new confirmed cases increased slightly to 321 but officials said infections are falling steadily.


Dr Albert Au of the Centre for Health Authority said the daily figures may continue to fluctuate, making it hard to foresee a trend.

But he warned cases may rebound after social distancing measures were relaxed ahead of the long weekend holiday, which includes Mother’s Day and Buddha’s Birthday on Sunday, and the preceding statutory holiday on Monday.

Among the new cases, 148 were confirmed via PCR tests and 173 through positive rapid test results reported by residents.

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There were 17 imported cases, including 12 detected at the airport. The remaining five were reported on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth day of quarantine of passengers who flew in from France and Singapore.

Au also said there were 26 new cases detected, which included 14 students and one teacher in primary grades and 10 pupils and one teacher in secondary schools.


The overall infection tally from the fifth wave has now exceeded 1.19 million with 9,120 related deaths.

In the past 24 hours, 152 patients have recovered from Covid and 99 of them have been discharged. 

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