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3 arrested for making false declaration of positive rapid test result

03 June 2022

By The SUN


Those who failed to report a positive RAT result on time should just go for another jab, say experts

Do not falsely claim that you tested positive on a rapid antigen test for Covid-19 or you could be prosecuted and jailed for up to six months and fined up to $100,000.

This warning was issued by the government in a statement late on Friday, as it announced that the Centre for Health Protection had found six persons suspected of deliberately providing false information about their Covid test results.

Three of the six suspects have been arrested while the police is considering taking appropriate actions against the remaining three.


The CHP has said in its daily Covid briefings that there has been a suspicious spike in the number of positive results on rapid antigen tests (RAT) being reported to the government platform.

CHP controller Dr Edwin Tsui said on Wednesday that this could be an attempt of recovered patients who did not report their Covid infections in February or March to make a belated reporting so they could receive the recovery record QR code needed to meet the current vaccine pass requirement.

Pindutin para sa detalye

This was supported by subsequent finding that the proportion of negative results using nucleic acid or PCR test was significantly higher than the average false-negative rate of RATs as compared with previous days before the third phase of the vaccine pass came into effect.

Today, for example, CHP’s Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan said follow-up tests showed that 49, or 23% of all RAT results submitted to them on May 31 were found to be false positives.

She reiterated the CHP will duly pass on to the authorities any suspicious positive RAT results submitted to their platform.

The government statement said making a false submission of a positive Covid-19 test result is “an irresponsible action that would have major impact on the fight against the epidemic.”

“The Government will deal with these cases in a serious manner,” added the statement.

The government also warned that since late April, when testing capacity permits, everyone who reported a positive RAT result is required to undergo a confirmatory test through PCR.


All cases confirmed negative through the PCR test will be deleted from the confirmed case record.

In addition, the person involved will no longer be allowed to use the quarantine order issued by the government, the recovery QR code or any other official documents showing proof of recovery.

This is apart from whatever criminal liability they may incur in accordance with the Prevention and Control of Disease (Disclosure of Information) Regulation (Cap. 599D), which penalizes any person who provides false or misleading information to a health officer or an authorised officer.

The statement said all recovered persons can safely receive the next dose of a vaccine 28 days after recovery.

Thus, those who are unsure whether they have been infected with Covid-19 or who do not have a recovery record in the Department of Health system are encouraged to just go for another vaccine dose.

The same advice is given for those who have not been vaccinated or have only received the first vaccine dose. They are encouraged to make an appointment for vaccination as soon as possible to meet the requirements of the vaccine pass and at the same time increase their antibody level.

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