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Big jump in Covid-19 cases thought to be from delayed RAT results

01 June 2022

by The SUN


Tsui advises recovered patients to just get a third jab instead of belatedly reporting a past RAT result 

Health officials have urged people to get a third vaccine dose instead of reporting past infections to try and get an exemption from the vaccine pass scheme, as the number of Covid cases jumped to 505 on Wednesday from just over 300 the previous day.

Among the new cases, 151 were confirmed through PCR tests, while 354 were positive rapid antigen test results reported to a government platform. Thirty-four cases were imported.

Dr Edwin Tsui, controller of the Centre for Health Protection noted that the reported positive RAT results make up 70% of the total number of cases for the day, which is much higher than usual.

This is seen to suggest that some people are trying to report past infections to obtain a QR code exempting them from having three vaccine doses so they could enter various designated premises under the vaccine pass scheme.


"I would like to remind the public, if you didn't test positive on the day, don't use our self-report platform to report your case," Tsui said at the daily Covid press briefing.

"If you want a recovery record or to satisfy the vaccine pass, the best way is to get jabbed, then you will be alright,” he added.

“It’s safe to be vaccinated after more than one month of being infected.”

Tsui said all other indicators of the severity of infections remain stable, including hospitalization and mortality rates and the amount of virus found in sewage samples, so the biggest caseload surge in the daily caseload could have only come from many “false positive” cases.

Tsui that in the past few months, the daily false positive rate was around 7 percent, but in recent days it has risen to between 15 to 38 percent.

Dr Chuang Shuk-wan, head of CHP’s infectious disease section, was more forthright.

“We don’t rule out the possibility that there is misleading or false information supplied,” Chuang said.


“May I remind you that if you knowingly or deliberately supplied the Department of Health with misleading information under Cap 599 it’s an indictable offense punishable at level 3 penalty, or up to six months in prison.”

Chuang warns providing false information could land you in jail for up to 6 months

Among the imported infections, 11 were caught at the airport, 14 during the 7-day hotel quarantine, and the rest after the patients had rejoined the community.

Chuang reported that four more cases were added to the outbreak at Zentral bar, raising the tally so far to 31. At Iron Fairies, the tally went up to 49 after two staff and 15 customers also tested positive for Covid.

There were an additional 39 new cases reported by 35 schools. They include 24 students and 15 teachers and staff from seven kindergartens, 12 primary schools, and 20 secondary schools.

The city’s caseload from the fifth wave of infections has now gone up to 1,200,573, with a related death toll of 9,166.

Dr Gladys Kwan of the Hospital Authority said one more Covid patient died today, an 88-year-old woman who was chronically ill and was bedridden.

Kwan said 392 patients are being treated in hospitals, and among them, 10 are in critical condition, with five being admitted to intensive care; while eight are in serious condition.

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