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One Filipino shot, another arrested by police in Peng Chau

25 January 2023

By The SUN


Officers check on the wounded man (RTHK photo)

A police officer has fired three shots at a Filipino man while reportedly investigating a noise complaint on Peng Chau island at about 10:00pm Tuesday night.

The man, a 43-year-old man holding a Hong Kong identity card, was conscious when he was airlifted to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, but was later reported to be in critical condition.

A second Filipino man, said to be 33 years old and also holds a Hong Kong ID card, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting and obstructing a police officer, and is still being detained.


Two police officers were slightly injured and were brought to Ruttonjee Hospital where they were treated and discharged.

According to a police spokeswoman, a complaint was made at 10:40pm last night about a rowdy drinking party being held in a unit on Wing On Street.

Two officers went up to a flat where a group of Filipinos were reportedly drinking and making excessive noise. The injured Filipino, which various reports said is named Oliver, allegedly argued with the officers, and then grabbed one of them by the neck.


“The 43-year-old man turned emotional and assaulted the police officer. After a verbal warning, the man did not stop so the police officer shot him,” a police spokeswoman told The SUN, quoting an incident report.

Another report said the officer fell during a scuffle and fired three shots, which all hit the other man in the waist and arm.

The officer reportedly fainted after firing the shots.


But there have also been reports from people supposedly at the scene who discounted the police version of the incident.

A female boarder at the 100-square-foot subdivided flat where the incident happened was quoted as saying that no loud party was held at their place last night.

Maricel, the tenant, said she had fallen asleep after getting drunk earlier and vaguely heard a few knocks on the door. She immediately woke up when she heard the gunshots, and saw Oliver lying on the street.

She claimed Oliver, who runs a beauty parlor in Central, rarely got drunk, so she was shocked at the story that he had assaulted an officer which led to him being shot.

But a neighbor gave a different story, saying he saw Oliver being out of control even after the police had tried to subdue him.

The witness said Oliver also hit the officers several times during the incident.

A second Filipino man is led away for questioning

At a press briefing this afternoon, Au Yeung Ki, an acting marine police superintendent, defended the officer’s decision to open fire, saying he felt his life was under threat.

Au said the officers were called to the flat on Wing On Street by neighbors who complained about the noise being made by people who were having a barbecue gathering. The force said it was the second complaint made about the same location that night.


The man identified as Oliver, who appeared to be drunk, reportedly tried to strangle one of the officers and tried to push him down the stairs. The man did not stop despite warnings, and even tried to take a swing at the officer.

“The officer then fired three shots, and the man was wounded in his hand and waist,” said Au, who noted that the suspect was 1.8 metres tall, and the officer feared for his safety.

“In this situation, our officer followed our use of force guidelines,

“After an initial probe, we feel that the colleague may indeed feel his life was under threat, and he may be seriously wounded. It was suitable for him to use his gun,” Au added.

Reporters were also told that the officer who opened fire had been with the force for more than 35 years, and it was the first time that he had used his service weapon to fire a shot while on duty.



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