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Brave Filipina films, scares burglars away

14 October 2023


One of the burglars makes a face at the Pinay before fleeing

The brave woman who foiled an attempt by two cheeky burglars to break into a standalone house in Sai Kung in the small hours last Thursday was a Filipina domestic helper, and not the “female homeowner” as was reported in most mainstream news outlets earlier.

This was evident in the viral video uploaded on YouTube where the 42-year-old Filipina could be heard first muttering, “Hoy” to the masked burglars and then continued shouting until they clambered over an open window to flee.

Pindutin para sa detalye

But before doing so, one of them waved at the helper and made a face, sparking myth among those who saw the video online and posted in major media outlets.

The video was taken by the brave Filipina while shooing the burglars away as she made her way  across the dimly-lit house in Spanish Villas, Nam Wai, Sai Kung. (video here:


She then informed her 42-year-old male French employer, who called the police at 2:37am.

Officers who responded to the call found that a glass door of the house had been damaged but no property was stolen.

The brave Pinay inspecting the broken glass door of  their Sai Kung home

On further investigation, they discovered that another village house nearby had been burgled. The windows had been prised open and some properties were taken but their value was not immediately known.

The incident came just six months after another foreign domestic helper scared off two men who had tried to sneak into her employer’s detached house in Royal Castle, Clear Water Bay, also in Sai Kung.


The helper heard a strange noise in the house at about 10pm on April 20 and saw the burglars about to enter the house when she went to investigate.

She immediately raised the alarm and the burglars fled toward the hills behind the house.

Pindutin dito

The police who came after receiving a report found no trace of the thieves, but saw that the doors and windows of the house had been pried open.

When they checked the CCTV, they saw two men wearing black shirts in the act of entering the house.

No arrests were made after the incident.

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