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Filipina arrested at airport charged with money laundering

29 January 2024


Fuentes was arrested as she went through Immigration at HK Intl Airport (FB photo)

Hong Kong police have confirmed that a Filipina domestic worker who was arrested last Friday, Jan. 26, as she was about to fly out to the Philippines, has been charged with money laundering and is currently under custody.

Ma. Rochel Fuentes, 35 years old, was supposed to fly out aboard the 11:45am AirAsia flight to Manila when she was stopped at immigration and turned over to the police.

A police spokesman said that after investigation, Fuentes was taken to Eastern Court on Jan 27 and charged with having dealt with property “knowing or has reasonable grounds to believe that the whole or part of such property directly or indirectly represents proceeds of an indictable offence” or more commonly known as money laundering.


Her family and friends who heard about her arrest on Friday immediately sent appeals on social media, saying she was being detained at Central police station because someone had used her name to take out a loan without her knowledge. It turned out her bank account was found to have been used to launder a still undetermined sum of money.

A friend said Fuentes had decided to go home to wait for her new work contract to be processed, after her previous employer of five years relocated to another country.

Staff at the Migrant Workers Office of the Philippine Consulate who spoke with Fuentes’ relatives said they had called the police and were told that Fuentes had been taken to Eastern Court on Saturday to be charged.


FDHs are among vulnerable groups that have been linked to money laundering cases in the past few years, often done through the use of their bank accounts by scam syndicates.

Money laundering is punishable under Hong Kong laws by up to 14 years in jail, and a maximum fine of $5 million.

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