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Temperatures forecast to dip to 5 degrees tomorrow

22 January 2024


High visibility over HK island remains despite the cold weather (HK Observatory)

The government has issued a reminder for everyone, especially the elderly and other people with mobility problems, to take note of the very cold weather in Hong Kong at the moment.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the temperatures over many places in the city were about six degrees lower than those of yesterday.

Tomorrow will be even colder, with temperatures ranging between 7 and 10 degrees in the urban areas, far lower in the New Territories. The Observatory warned it will feel even colder due to wind chills.

Ta Kwu Ling will be coldest, with the temperature dipping to just 2 degrees, while Tai Po, Lau Fau Shan, Sha Tin, Tseung Kwan O and Cheung Chau will have a 5-degree weather.

It will remain cold throughout the day on Wednesday, with temperatures in the range of 8 and 12 degrees in the urban areas.

The weather will gradually become milder starting on Thursday, when the temperature will rise by about three degrees.

The Centre for Health Protection advised the public, particularly the elderly and those with chronic diseases, to layer on to protect their health, saying the cold weather can easily trigger or exacerbate diseases such as heart ailments or respiratory illnesses.

"Elderly people have less insulating fat beneath their skin to keep them warm and their body temperature control mechanism may be weaker. Their body may not be able to appropriately respond to the cold weather," the spokesman said.

In addition, the impaired mobility among some seniors can impair their ability to generate and conserve body heat. They should thus adopt the following preventive measures:

*Take note of the weather forecast and wear warm clothing, including hats, scarves, gloves and socks accordingly;

* Eat enough to ensure adequate calorie intake;

* Exercise regularly to increase blood circulation and heat production;

* Use heaters as needed, but with care, and maintain adequate ventilation;

* Seek medical attention if unwell.

Parents are also advised to ensure their babies are sufficiently warm, and are placed in well-ventilated rooms at a comfortable temperature.


For the general public, the CHP is advising the wearing of surgical masks in public, saying it can prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses from ill people.

Those who are respiratory symptoms must wear masks and refrain from going to crowded places or to work, or attending classes at school. They should also seek medical advice immediately.

For more health information, the public may call the DH's Health Education Infoline (2833 0111) or visit the CHP's website and Facebook Fanpage.

The public may also call Dial-a-Weather (1878 200) or visit the website of the Hong Kong Observatory for the latest weather information and forecast, or its page on Weather Information for Senior Citizens.




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