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Bed bugs found at NAIA

01 March 2024


Chairs at NAIA are disinfected after bed bug bites were reported by passengers

Disinfection was carried out at Terminals 2 and 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport yesterday, after departing passengers reported being bitten by bed bugs there.

The passengers posted photos of their buttocks and thighs filled with red rashes from the bites on the Facebook group DIY Travel Philippines, and told fellow travellers to take care.

Pindutin para sa detalye

One complainant said she was bitten after she sat on a rattan chair at Terminal 2 on Feb. 23.

However, videos uploaded yesterday by some media outlets showed the tiny bugs swarming on the metal chairs at the terminals as well.


The Manila International Airport Authority which manages NAIA’s three terminals admitted receiving complaints about the bed bug infestation, and said it provided medical treatment to those affected.

In a statement, MIAA also said all the seats identified in the reports had been pulled out permanently while disinfection at the airport will continue to be undertaken.

One of the bitten passengers posted photos of her backside, along with a warning

“The MIAA apologizes to the victims and assures them that a speedy resolution to this can be expected,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, MIAA General Manager Eric Ines directed the terminal managers to investigate the infestation, and provide a report with recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

The managers were also told to conduct thorough facility inspections and enhance sanitation at the terminals.


\Manila’s airport is not the only one grappling with bed bug scare. Last November, Hong Kong authorities were alerted to an online photo that showed what appeared to be a bedbug on an Airport Express train.

The bedbug photo prompted immediate deep cleaning of the airport train in question

The MTR Corporation immediately carried out deep cleaning of the train after receiving a report from a passenger, but said no insects similar to the one in the photo was found.

Bedbug problems at airports have previously been reported in Seoul, Paris and London, sparking concerns that they could reach Hong Kong, too.

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