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Jobseekers warned against fake document for Canada jobs

02 April 2024


The Department of Migrant Workers has issued a warning against fake Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) documents, which Canadian employers are required to get before hiring a foreign worker to fill temporary labour and skill shortages.

The warning which the DMW posted on its Facebook page was made presumably  because of the proliferation of such fake LMIAs used to scam Filipino jobseekers.

The DMW has also previously warned against visa consulting companies offering fake job opportunities in Canada, using the student visa pathway as a ruse to reel in unsuspecting job applicants.


According to the DMW, job hunters must keep their eyes open for these signs that the LMIA is fake:

• Unsolicited offers or LMIAs without prior communication or interview,

• Any "employer" asking you to pay for an LMIA,

• Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or discrepancies in LMIAs could indicate a fraudulent offer,

• Pressure to act quickly forcing individuals to make rushed decisions,

• Unreachable "employer" or vague or non-existent contact information and address.


To get more information about how they could be protected from fraud , job applicant are advised to go to the IRCC  (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) website:

Earlier, the DMW also warned the public against taking up job offers from abroad which are offered through social media platforms as they are likely to come from illegal recruiters and scammers.

To ensure that the job offer and the agency or group offering the job is legitimate, they should search the DMW list at and click "Licensed Recruitment Agencies" or "Approved Job Orders".


They may also send a message directly to this Facebook page: DMW Anti-Illegal Recruitment and Trafficking in Persons Program.

The Facebook page also posts notices from time to time about companies or groups that are known to have engaged in illegal recruitments, particularly visa consulting firms that offered non-existent jobs in Canada to Filipinos, both in the Philippines and abroad.

They include PinoyCare Visa Consulting and Opportunities Abroad, which are currently the subject of a Senate committee inquiry about their alleged large-scale recruitment of Filipinos across the Philippines and abroad, including Hong Kong.

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