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Kidnapper of Filipina DH, toddler jailed for 9 years, 4 months

16 April 2024


The victims were locked up in a container in Pat Heung after being kidnapped in Pokfulam (File)

A 45-year-old jobless man was sentenced to nine years and four months in jail at the High Court yesterday for kidnapping a Filipina domestic helper and her 20-month-old ward more than two years ago.

Ho Lin-chun admitted abducting the Filipina who was 39 years old at the time, and the toddler, on Dec. 8, 2021, with intent to demand a ransom for their release.

In sentencing, Deputy High Court Judge Amanda Woodcock praised the helper for her bravery as she managed to free herself and the toddler from a freight container where they were held, and even fought off one of the kidnappers who tried to recapture them.


"If the helper had not bravely climbed out of the container and asked for help, the crime would have caused serious consequences," she said.

Woodcock said it was fortunate that the girl and helper have not experienced long-term physical or mental injuries from the crime.

It also emerged during the hearing that the kidnappers had tried to offer the helper 5% of the $200,000 ransom they intended to claim from the toddler’s parents, but she brushed them off, saying her employers were not rich.


While praising the helper, Woodcock slammed Ho and his unnamed accomplice for planning the serious crime well in advance, as they bought cable ties and prepared a fake car license three days before the kidnap.

Earlier reports indicated a mainland resident surnamed Wang was arrested on Jan. 2, 2022 in connection with the kidnapping, but was allowed to post bail. No mention has been made of him after this.

The court heard that the abduction happened on Victoria Road, Pokfulam, as the helper was taking the toddler on a stroller from their home in Residence Bel Air to the girl’s preschool at around 8am on December 8, 2021.

Ho and his accomplice forced the victims into a seven-seater car then tied up the helper’s hands and legs, before covering her head. The stroller was then pushed into the car with them.

The kidnappers then asked the helper for the name and phone number of her employers, then offered her a cut of their bounty if she cooperated with them, but she brushed them off.

The victims were subsequently taken to Yuen Long and locked inside a freight container, before the men left.

The helper took the chance to untie herself at about 11am and escaped with her ward. She then climbed on top of the container to scream for help just as Ho was making his way back to the container. She managed to push him away as he tried to climb up the container.

The commotion alerted nearby villagers, forcing the kidnappers to flee.

The two victims were sent to hospital for treatments for minor injuries on their hands, which were red and swollen from being tied, but were discharged on the same day.

Inside the container where the helper and toddler were held, bound and gagged (SCMP photo)

Ho was arrested the next day, but remained silent during police questioning.

In mitigation, the defense said Ho committed the offense due to financial pressure, and was remorseful.

A creditor to whom he owed $40,000 was said to have tricked him into committing the crime, assuring him it was just a way to collect a debt.


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