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Filipina DH gets off lightly on assault charge

23 June 2024

The Filipina's case was resolved at West Kowloon Courts

A Filipina got off lightly at West Kowloon Court from a case of assault, after she accepted a bind-over agreement in which she promised not to reoffend in the next 12 months, or else she will be fined $1,000.

Under this arrangement, C. Bernadas, 30 years old, need not pay the fine if she does not commit any similar offense within the one-year period.

But Bernadas was made to pay $1,000 in court costs by Principal Magistrate Ivy Chui during a hearing held on Friday (June 21), deductible from her bail of the same amount.


The case was subsequently withdrawn by prosecutors, so it will not leave a criminal record on her history of stay in Hong Kong.

Bernadas, a domestic helper, was accused of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, contrary to Common Law and punishable under the Offenses against the Person Ordinance.

Under the ordinance, the punishment for this offense can be up to 3 years’ imprisonment.


The case arose after an altercation between Bernadas and a local resident named Jiang Suk-Mei Susanna in a flat at Mei Foo Sun Chuen in Cheung Sha Wan last Feb. 12.

The altercation became physical, resulting in the police being called and Bernadas charged with assault.

However, the two parties appeared to have reached an out-of-court settlement, prompting the prosecution to propose the bind-over arrangement and drop the charge against Bernadas.

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