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Inconsistent answers get DH in trouble with Immigration

06 June 2024

 The charges were filed by the Immigration Department

When you resign from work, you must remember your reason for terminating your employment contract and be consistent when asked about it later, especially by the Department of Immigration. If you change your story, you could find yourself in trouble.

This was the lesson learned by domestic helper Cherryl Danipog, 46 years old, who pleaded guilty to two charges of making a false statement to Immigration, when she appeared at Shatin Court on Wednesday (June 5).

Magistrate David Chum convicted her of both charges, but put off her sentencing to July 3 because the prosecution said Danipog had volunteered to help Immigration prosecute the employment agency personnel who allegedly advised her to commit the offense.


Her cooperation in this regard could help reduce her sentence.

Danipog first pleaded guilty to making a “false statement for the purpose of obtaining an entry permit”, which violates Section 42 of the Immigration Ordinance.

She admitted that she answered “husband will go in Brazil” when asked in the application form for entry permit, for her reason for termination. She was prosecuted for giving the answer “knowing the same to be false or not believing the same to be true….”

The second charge – possessing a false instrument, a violation of the Crimes Ordinance – arose from having in her possession a notification of termination of an employment contract signed last Jan. 24, “which was false and which (she) knew or believed to be false.”

Since she had no bail application, Danipog was returned to jail to await the next hearing.

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