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New X-ray machines to speed up security checks at HK airport

26 June 2024


Airport officials demonstrate how the CT X-rays work (RTHK photo)

From July 2, some passengers flying out of Hong Kong will no longer be asked to take out their electronic devices and liquids from their hand-carried bags as new CT (computed tomography) X-ray machines are installed at the airport.

According to the Airport Authority, the new machines to check luggage will initially be used at four of the 35 screening lanes for people departing from Terminal 1.

Airport officials said the CT X-ray machine can provide 3D image of what’s inside the luggage to help the screening personnel to make a better and quicker decision on whether it is safe to allow the item through.

This is expected to increase the airport’s screening capacity by about 50%, from the current 240 people to 360 people per hour.

At the same time, new full-body scanners will be installed in the lanes with the new CT X-ray machines, for passengers who set off the metal detectors.

Instead of the hand-held scanner used for the second-tier check, the passengers will be asked to go through the full-body scanner, reducing the contact between the person and our security officer.”

Officials said the X-ray machines and full-body scanners will be gradually introduced in all the security lanes in Terminal 1 departure and transit areas within the year. The project is said to cost more than $800 million.

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