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Lying to Immigration results in 4-month imprisonment

07 July 2024


The case was tried at Shatin Court

Lying to an Immigration officer to be able to get a domestc helper visa brought a four-month imprisonment to a Filipina after she pleaded guilty to the offense at Shatin Court.

Marilou Gumtang, 42 years old, was charged with violation of Section 42 (1)(a) of the Immigration Ordinance which penalizes “making a false representation to a “Immigration Officers lawfully acting under or in the execution of Part III of the Immigration Ordinance.”


In a hearing Friday (July 5), she admitted to the charge that she lied to an Immigration officer processing her application for extension of stay that she was employed as a domestic helper by a named employer.

Magistrate Andrew Mok chose a starting point of six months imprisonment, but because Gumtang was entitled to a one-third discount for pleading guilty, her final penalty was four months in jail.


In the same hearing, another Filipina was jailed by Magistrate Mok for 26 weeks after she pleaded guilty to overstaying.

Helen Reyes, 41 and an asylum seeker, admitted the Immigration Department’s charge that she was supposed to have left on Nov. 2016 but stayed on until Dec. 6, 2023.

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