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Retrospective exhibit of Araceli Dans’ art opens in HK

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Ribbon-cutting to open the exhibit

Eleven years since she first exhibited in Hong Kong, legendary painter Araceli Limcaco Dans was again the star of an exhibit that opened at the Visual Arts Centre on Kennedy Road last night - except that this time, she was no longer around to grace the event.

Mrs Dans, widely regarded as one of the Philippines’ best watercolor artists and proponent of the intricate calado painting, passed on in the Philippines on May 18, at the age of 93 years old.

“Her passing was a significant loss to the Philippine art scene,” said Abigail Hills of Galleria Camaya  which organized the exhibit, with the support of the Philippine Consulate General and Philippine Association of Hong Kong.

Hills said Mrs Dans inspired fellow artists for her dedication and lifelong commitment to her art. She started doing mostly portraits from the age of 8, and was so disciplined she painted for 12 hours each day until Alzheimer’s slowed her down.

Hills pays homage to Dans and thanks all the participating artists
At the age of 60, she embarked on a new art form, transferring the delicate calado embroidery that adorn many Filipinas’ native costumes onto her canvas, for which she eventually became famous, both in the Philippines and abroad.

But Hills said it was not only art that fueled the Grand Dame’s artistry, but also her commitment to various social causes, especially those affecting the poor, the unborn, and those who toil abroad.

This Dans masterpieces is part of  Galleria Camaya's extensive art collection


Fortunately, said Hills, Mrs Dans’ daughter, Marcy Dans Lee, has taken up the calado paint work that made her mother famous, and despite an initial hesitation to display her works, has agreed to do the ongoing mother-daughter exhibit in Hong Kong.

Also on show are the outstanding works of Hong Kong-based artists from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and professions, including migrant domestic workers from the group, “Guhit Kulay” led by Cris Cayat.

Cayat poses in front of her work, along with former Labor Attache Bernie Julve
They also include Filipino art veterans Jun Cambel, Manuel Rubio, Martin Megino, and the husband and wife team of Jun and Azon Canete; as well as the members of Pintura Circle, who banded together to hold art exhibits for charity, such as Stella Schapero, Grace Pineda-Camacho, Joyce Wong, Janeth Weil and Hills herself.

Two artists from the Philippines, Lei Manto and Bal Cambel, also shared some of their outstanding works.

Lei Manto shows off his work, along with The SUN publisher Leo A Deocadiz

Also part of the collection are the works of former Hong Kong OFW turned professional photo journalist Xyza Cruz Bacani and those of young Filipinos born and raised in the city.

Cutting the ceremonial ribbon for the exhibit’s opening were Vice Consul Alan Revote, PAHK chairperson Scylla Kwong, The SUN editor Daisy CL Mandap, and Edwina Antonio of Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, which will benefit from a portion of the proceeds from the show.

All the artworks on show except for a few “for display only” pieces, are up for bidding, starting at $980 to $203,000 for two of Mrs Dans’ priceless works.

The exhibit will run from today, June 6 until Monday, June 10.

Inconsistent answers get DH in trouble with Immigration

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 The charges were filed by the Immigration Department

When you resign from work, you must remember your reason for terminating your employment contract and be consistent when asked about it later, especially by the Department of Immigration. If you change your story, you could find yourself in trouble.

This was the lesson learned by domestic helper Cherryl Danipog, 46 years old, who pleaded guilty to two charges of making a false statement to Immigration, when she appeared at Shatin Court on Wednesday (June 5).

Magistrate David Chum convicted her of both charges, but put off her sentencing to July 3 because the prosecution said Danipog had volunteered to help Immigration prosecute the employment agency personnel who allegedly advised her to commit the offense.


Her cooperation in this regard could help reduce her sentence.

Danipog first pleaded guilty to making a “false statement for the purpose of obtaining an entry permit”, which violates Section 42 of the Immigration Ordinance.

She admitted that she answered “husband will go in Brazil” when asked in the application form for entry permit, for her reason for termination. She was prosecuted for giving the answer “knowing the same to be false or not believing the same to be true….”

The second charge – possessing a false instrument, a violation of the Crimes Ordinance – arose from having in her possession a notification of termination of an employment contract signed last Jan. 24, “which was false and which (she) knew or believed to be false.”

Since she had no bail application, Danipog was returned to jail to await the next hearing.

Alleged taking of abortion drug lands Filipina in court

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The attempted abortion case was heard at Shatin Court

A charge of taking a drug to induce abortion has landed a Filipina domestic worker in Shatin Court for violation of the Offenses Against the Person Ordinance.

But the case against T. Abaya, 35 years old, was adjourned to July 31 at the request of the prosecutor to await the report of the forensic examination on the evidence police had taken from her. 

She was not asked for a plea and was freed on bail of $2,000 until her next court appearance.

Abaya is accused of taking “a poison or other noxious thing, with intent to procure (her) own miscarriage” at her employer’s house last April 6.

Under Hong Kong laws, abortion is illegal unless (1) the continuation of the pregnancy would involve risk to the life, physical or mental health of the pregnant woman greater than if the pregnancy were terminated; or (2) the unborn child would be severely handicapped due to physical or mental abnormality.

The assessment of any of these conditions would have to be made by two doctors, and the legal abortion can only be done at designated clinics or hospitals.


When she appeared Wednesday (June 5) before Magistrate David Chum, he noted that Abaya was not represented in the hearing, although a duty lawyer had appeared for her previously.

She replied that her employer had told her she would have a lawyer, and so assumed that he would provide one to her. It turned out that what the employer was referring to was a duty lawyer, which she herself should arrange, as she did previously.

When asked how she was able to talk with her employer, Abaya said she went to his house to take her things.

It was then that Chum reminded her that one of the terms of her bail is not to talk to her employer.

“Do not do that again, otherwise bail will be cancelled,” he added.

Before releasing Abaya, Chum reminded her to get a lawyer provided for free by the government though the Duty Lawyer Service office, which has an office on the fifth floor of the court building.

Filipinos can still enter Taiwan without a visa until July 2025

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Filipinos can continue to enter this islang state without a visa, if they meet certain requirements

Taiwan's Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) announced yesterday, June 4, that it has extended its visa-exempt policy to Philippine passport holders for up to 14 days until July 31 next year.

The Philippines' current visa-free benefit which was announced on June 30 last year is set to expire on July 31 this year.

However, Filipino seafarers, aircraft crew members or service personnel who are intending to board to report for duty are ineligible for the visa-free entry.


The requirements for the visa-free access for Philippine passport holders are:

-          A passport with remaining validity of at least six months as of the date of entry

-          A confirmed return air/sea ticket or air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and

-          A confirmed seat reservation for a return flight or departure to another desitnation

-          Proof of accommodation such as a hotel booking, and/or host /sponsor's contact information and sufficient travel funds.

Wallace Minn-Gan Chow, representative for the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines, has previously said that Taiwan had seen "great potential" in its tourism partnership with the Philippines because it is geographically the closest country to the island state.

OFW Center soon to be set up in HK, says OWWA chief

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(Exclusive to The SUN)


The preferred unit occupies an entire floor in United Centre, and is as big as the Consulate 

Administrator Arnell Ignacio of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration has unveiled plans to set up an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) Center in Hong Kong soon, at one of the priciest districts in the city. If it pushes through, it will be the first OFW Center to be set up by the country abroad.

Administrator Ignacio, along with his top officials in Hong Kong, took The SUN along on Monday, Jun 3, to view a 20,000-square-foot unit occupying an entire floor in United Centre in Admiralty which appears likely to be the site of the planned OFW center.


“It can function (to serve) so many needs of our OFWs and at least, disenteng disente, at pwede nilang tambayan…and they can call it their own,” said Ignacio. (At least it’s very decent and they can hang out there and call it their own)

The asking price for the entire floor, is $8 million for one year (or more than P5 million a month), which, even if lower per sq ft than the rent for the Migrant Workers Office which occupies half the space in the same building, is still hefty. But this does not seem to faze Ignacio.

Ignacio in a huddle with the property agent and contractor of the $8 million-a-year property 

Ang bagong head ng OFW Committee, si Congressman (Jude) Acidre at si Congresswoman Yedda (Romualdez), kasama natin sa pagbubuo nitong OFW Center in Hong Kong because recently they were here, and medyo nabagabag ang loob nila (dahil) nakita nila ang ating mga kababayan kung saan-saan,” said Ignacio.

(The new head of the OFW Committee in Congress, Rep. Jude Acidre and Rep. Yedda Romualdez (both from Tingog Party List), are working with us in setting up the OFW Center in Hong Kong because recently they were here, and they were bothered seeing our migrant workers spending their day-off all over the place).

He said he was confident that Senator Raffy Tulfo who heads the Migrant Workers Committee in the Senate will also approve the plan, as it is also being supported by the House Speaker, Martin Romualdez and President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

Kasi gusto niya (President Marcos), alagaan ang mga OFWs,” said Ignacio. (It’s because the President wants us to take good care of our OFWs).

OWWA officers talk about the planned activities for the OFW Center

The OWWA chief plans to provide various services at the Center, including free medical consultation with a Philippine doctor, trainings and seminars on various topics essential or useful to OFWs, a lit stage where beauty contests and other community-driven activities could he held, a room with fake grass that can simulate the outdoors, and another where they can de-stress.

He acknowledged that stress levels in Hong Kong are high, so he wants OWWA to be “the immediate part of the solution.”

Kailangan masasalo natin agad ang kanilang problema,” he said (We should be able to  immediately respond to their problems).

But it is precisely because of this high stress level that he thinks it is equally important to hold events that make the OFWs smile, like the Philippine Migrant Workers Day celebration organized by OWWA last Sunday on Chater Road in Central.

According to him, the happiness that the whole-day festivity brought to the thousands of OFWs who were there would be remembered for many weeks to come.

Ignacio having fun with Consul General Germie Usudan at OFW Day on Chater Road

Hindi mababaw ang epekto ng entertainment,” said Ignacio, a former TV entertainer and host who revealed that he used to be part of OWWA’s “Balik Saya” program that brought entertainers to various parts of the world to entertain OFWs.

But he said OWWA does not intend to merely entertain OFWs, but to also provide fast and responsive action to address their concerns, like the excessive borrowing many of them fall prey to, leading to more serious problems like the recent string of suicides among HK OFWs.

“It’s always a comprehensive approach,” he said in describing how OWWA responds to problems confronting migrant workers in distress. But the operative word, according to him, is “fast” – or “mabilisan lahat.”

Currently, the Bayanihan Centre Foundation is running an activity center for foreign domestic workers occupying an entire disused school in Kennedy Town, which the Hong Kong government is providing rent-free.

But Ignacio said the common feedback that he gets from OFWs is that it is “too far”, so that they prefer to hang out on the streets and pavements of Central on their days off instead. 

He is confident the proposed site for the new OFW Center would entice most of them to get off the streets, and into OWWA’s caring space. 

DH gets 3 months’ jail for laundering $22k

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The Filipina admitted guilt at Kowloon City Court

A Filipina domestic helper was jailed for three months today after she pleaded guilty to money laundering by allowing her bank account to be used as depository for money derived from crime.

Susan Baral, 38 years old, appeared today at Kowloon City Court, charged with conspiracy to deal with property known or believed to represent proceeds from an indictable offence, in violation of the Organized Crime Ordinance and punishable under the Crimes Ordinance.

She pleaded guilty after the charge was read to her at the start of her trial before Magistrate Philip Chan.


The charge arose from the deposit and withdrawal of $22,000 from her HSBC account between Nov. 11, 2019 and March 20, 2020.

She was accused of conspiring with persons known as “Cheong Yongjae” and “Danny Ahmed” in dealing with property, knowing that it “directly or indirectly represented the proceeds of an indictable offense,” according to the police complaint filed last Feb 20. 

Filipina jailed 28 years for shabu making wins right to appeal conviction, sentence

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High Court, where Court of Appeal holds hearings

The Court of Appeal today allowed a Filipina tourist sentenced to 28 years’ imprisonment for conspiracy to manufacture the dangerous drug methamphetamine hydrochloride (commonly known as ice or shabu), to appeal her conviction.

In a written ruling, Justice of Appeal Kevin Zervos also granted Anna Mae Enriquez, 41 years old, leave to appeal her sentence even if she did not ask for it.

“I consider that in the interests of justice, leave should be granted to D3 (Enriquez) to appeal against her sentence, notwithstanding the late stage in doing so and without an application having been made by her,” he added.


He approved three of the four grounds cited by Enriquez’s lawyer, supplied by Legal Aid, as reasons to appeal the decision of High Court Judge Esther Toh:

  • That the judge failed to instruct the jury that her presence in the flat where the drug was being manufactured, was insufficient to infer that she was part of the conspiracy.
  • That the judge failed to instruct the jury that her mere presence would not be enough to support the prosecution case against her and that the prosecution should prove she was a participant in making the drug.
  • That the circumstantial evidence was “insufficient to draw an irresistible inference of agreement to manufacture dangerous drugs, role and/or knowledge of dangerous drugs, causing a lurking doubt as to the safety of her conviction.”

Justice Zervos disapproved of her fourth argument -- that the judge discredited her to the jury by contrasting her evidence that she was on the bus from the airport when Lam contacted her, while Lam stated that he ran into her accidentally downstairs in the hotel where they were both staying.

“There is nothing improper about highlighting the discrepancies in the evidence of the defendants in the summing-up for the jury’s consideration,” he explained.

In contrast, Justice Zervos denied the request of her co-defendant Kent Lam Tsz-kin, who was sentenced to 29 years in jail. His sole ground for appeal – that he was manufacturing the drug but under duress – was not “reasonably arguable,” he said.

“The jury, by its verdict, clearly rejected (Lam’s) defence,” he added.

The third co-defendant, Mexican Marco Torres Gonzalez, 35, who was sentenced to 28 years in prison, had earlier withdrawn his application.

The three were arrested by police in a raid on Mar 5-6, 2019 at a To Kwa Wan flat rented by Lam’s wife.

In their testimonies, Lam and Gonzales admitted buying the pots used in manufacturing the ice in Lam’s kitchen, while Enriquez claimed she was in Hong Kong for shopping and that Lam brought her to the flat.

The three were convicted by a High Court jury on a charge of conspiring to manufacture shabu weighing 4.71 kilos, and sentenced on June 24, 2022 by Judge Toh.

In his 17-page decision, Justice Zervos said, “the extent of the evidence against (Enriquez) was that she was present at the time the police raided the flat.”

He also noted that both her co-defendants had testified that she “was merely present at the relevant time and not involved in manufacturing the ice.”

PCG warns FDWs against blackmail by online lending companies

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Exposing borrowers in public in this manner is also illegal

The Philippine Consulate General has issued an advisory against online lending companies using blackmail to force people to pay their loans, likely at usurious interest rates.

In a statement issued Monday, the PCG said the illegal money lenders threaten the borrowers with exposing their personal details, identity documents, videos and photos of even their employers unless they paid up.


“These acts by online money lending companies are punishable under the various criminal and privacy laws of Hong Kong with a penalty of up to five (5) years’ imprisonment and fine of up to HK$1milion,” said the advisory.

“The Consulate also reminds the public not to provide information to online money lending companies such as social media profiles and family, photos of the employer’s house, and other sensitive personal information not related to their loan transaction.”

First page of the Consulate's advisory

In a footnote to the advisory, the PCG mentioned that among the items that foreign domestic workers appear to been obliged to share with the illegal money lenders were the employers’ personal details, as well as their address, car plate number, photo, picture of the flat’s bedroom and living room, apart from their own video acknowledging the loan they got off the money lending company.

Victims are advised to take a screenshot of their transactions with the illegal money lenders and report them to the nearest police station – or seek advice and assistance from the Consulate or the Migrant Workers’ Office.

“Always exercise caution and vigilance in making financial transactions and in giving personal information to other people,” said the Consulate.

Take screenshots of your loan transactions, says the PCG
It’s an advice that should also apply to those who borrow money from individuals or “runners” for people financing the loans extended at high interest rates, and who then exact repayments by posting their photos and personal details online, or on tarpaulin and posters hung in public places.

Those who wish to check if the company they are transacting with is a registered money lender in Hong Kong may visit this website:

Filipina driven to steal by debts gets 16-month jail term

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The court said getting mired in debt is no excuse to steal

A Filipina driven to steal from her employer to pay debts which mounted after she acted as guarantor for a friend who later absconded, was jailed for 16 months after she pleaded guilty today at Eastern Court.

“I do not see a mitigating factor to reduce your sentence” (from levels prescribed by the sentencing guidelines), Magistrate Minnie Wat told Johna C. Jinon, 40 years old. 

“You stole more than $249,000, most of which can no longer be recovered.”

Magistrate Wat also cited her serious breach of her employers’ trust, having taken advantage of her being given access to their belongings as a domestic helper since 2018, getting a salary of $5,300 monthly.


Jinon admitted stealing $16,510 in cash, six bracelets, two necklaces, three rings, and one watch from her employer, Hank Chong.

The theft happened between February 2022 and May 4, 2024 at the employer’s flat at Unique Villa on Holly Road in Happy Valley.

The theft was discovered after the employer noticed that $3,000 was missing from an envelope that contained $25,000, kept in an unlocked cabinet in the master bedroom.

When confronted, Jinon afmitted the theft of the missing cash and other items in the past, and signed a confession.

She was arrested after the employer called police.

In today’s hearing, Jinon was meted 24 months’ imprisonment. Because of her confession, she was entitled to a one-third discount, resulting in a prison term of 16 months.

Jinon’s duty lawyer sought the court’s leniency, saying she was forced to steal to pay off mounting debts that began when she was made to pay for a loan she guaranteed.

She sank deeper in debt trying to pay off the loan when she turned to loansharks, who charged high interest rates.

FDHs, top Consulate officials join anti-scam briefing by HK Police

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This is how one can avoid getting involved in money laundering, says the police

Do not lend, sell or rent out your bank accounts.

This was the key message from the Hong Kong Police during a briefing session with about 180 foreign domestic helpers on the latest scam methods used by crime syndicates in Hong Kong, as well as measures adopted by law enforcers to combat them, held at the Kowloon East Police Regional Headquarters yesterday, June 2.

Also at the gathering were Philippine Consul General Germinia Aguilar-Usudan and her Indonesian counterpart, Yul Eddison, along with some of their top officials.

Representatives of two employment agency organizations, the HK Union of Employment Agencies and the all-Indonesian APPTKTI, helped coordinate the event.

Congen Usudan (in long dress) and her PCG team attended the briefing

During the briefing, police officers told the FDHs that allowing others to use their personal bank accounts for the receipt and transfer of criminal proceeds constitute the offense of “money laundering” under section 25 of the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance.

The maximum penalty for violators is $5 million in fines and 14 years imprisonment.


In recent years, a number of FDHs have been jailed for up to 10 months after their bank accounts were found to have been used to launder money from illegal activities such as romance, investment, employment and online shopping scams.

While they were not found to have made the criminal transactions themselves, they were found guilty of money laundering because the bank accounts in their names were used for the offence.

Graph shows how scammers are able to use someone else's account to launder money

In a recent case, an Eastern court magistrate explained that the test to be used in determining whether an accused “knew or had reason to believe that he or she is dealing with proceeds of a crime” which are the essential elements of money laundering, is objective, rather than subjective.

This means that it is what a reasonable person would conclude when the accused surrenders control over his or bank account that was used for money laundering.

Graphs used by the police in illustrating how one becomes complicit to a money laundering case by the simple act of selling her bank account, often for just a low amount.

Thus the police reminder to the participants: “Remember to protect yourself and remind your loved ones: Do Not Sell, Lend, or Rent Your Bank Accounts. Anti-scam efforts start with you.”

19 FDHs arrested in anti-money laundering operation

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About 180 FDHs were told about the arrest by Kowloon East Police officers

A total of 67 people, including 19 foreign domestic helpers, were among those arrested on June 1 across various districts in a police crackdown on a multi-million dollar money laundering operation.

A statement from the police said 108 people lost a total of $73 million in the scam.

Those arrested comprised 35 men and 32 women aged 20 to 74 years old. While they confirmed the involvement of FDHs, they could not immediately ascertain their nationalities.

The crackdown was announced yesterday, Sunday, during a briefing on scam methods and anti-scam strategies, conducted by the Kowloon East Police Regional Headquarters before 180 FDHs from the Philippines and Indonesia, and confirmed by the Police Public Relations Bureau today.

According to the police report, all those arrested provided their bank accounts to assist syndicates in handling criminal proceeds from online shopping and investment scams.


The police warned the public that money laundering is a serious crime, and no one should open bank accounts for others to use, or lend their bank accounts to others for illegal purposes.

Do not rent, borrow or sell your accounts, or on the other end, never to lend, lease or borrow someone else’s account, said the police.

Under the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance, chap 455, the offence of money laundering could lead to a maximum fine of $5 million and up to 14 years’ imprisonment.

Business ideas for OFWs: Innovative food products get recognition

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Slow: Health drink from coconut sap

Coconut flowers, when cut before they develop into coconuts, secrete sap that has for centuries been collected by farmers in the Philippines and turned into tuba, a sweet, mildly alcoholic drink.

But what if the sap is canned right after being collected from the tree?

The result is the Power of SLOW Coconut Flower Sap, developed by Lionheart Farms Philippines Corporation, targeting the export market with a refreshing health drink perfect as an alternative to sugary drinks.

In the case of Destileria Barako Corporation, it added ube, a root crop best known as flavoring for ice cream, to vodka distilled from fermented sugarcane juice. It packaged the drink in a fancy bottle and marketed Ube Cream Liqueur in selected stores such as Kultura in SM Malls.

Long lines at its free taste tests indicate its potential for success

Ube Cream Liqueur

These products are two of the nine winners of the 2024 Katha Awards for Food, a yearly project of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) , the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), to champion Philippine food excellence.

The winners were announced as part of the IFEX Philippines 2024 held earlier this month at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City.


CITEM Deputy Executive Director and Officer in Charge Ma. Lourdes Mediran said: “Katha Awards has been a hallmark of Philippine creativity through the recognition of fresh and innovative food products and applications. It seeks to inspire courage among food entrepreneurs to explore galleries of flavors and work on new, untried idea.”

“Out of 79 products submitted for evaluation, 21 made it to the final screening and only nine (9) emerged as the creme dela creme, meticulously selected by luminaries who are all well-respected within the food community,” Mediran said.

Katha Award winners and CITEM officials

The Board of Judges for this year’s Katha Awards for Food was led by former Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary, former CITEM President and now President of International School of Sustainable Tourism, Dr. Mina Gabor. Joining her were Anna Marie Ozaeta, co-founder of the Philippine Culinary Heritage; Ferdinand Cabo Chanpongco, Food Industry Consultant; and Millie Dizon, senior vice president for marketing of SM Retail.

Here is the list of winners of the 2024 Katha Awards for Food:



The Power of SLOW Coconut Flower Sap by Lionheart Farms Philippines Corporation: A refreshing coconut flower beverage perfect as an alternative to sugary drinks.

Ube Cream Liqueur by Destileria Barako Corporation: An innovative fusion of sugar cane vodka and Filipino ube.

Ready-to-eat Savories and Home Meal Replacements

Bean Appetit Monggo with Squash in Coconut Milk and Dilis by Bestfriend Goodies: A convenient and ready-to-eat, Halal-certified monggo dish made special with squash, coconut milk, and anchovies.

Meat, Poultry and Dairy Products

Real Bacon Crisps by Baken Philippines, Inc.:Original, crispy, and smoky bacon strips made with hundred percent real pork.

Fruits and Vegetables, Seaweeds, and Plant-based Meat Alternatives

Buenas Dried Vegetables by Gem Foods International, Inc.: Seasonal leafy vegetables processed in dry format, ready to use for soup, dish, or tea.

Bakery Products and Confectionery

Handcrafted Chocolate Treats by Theo and Philo Chocolate Factory, Inc.: Ready-to-eat and handcrafted chocolate, made with real coconut and natural ingredients.

Cereals and Cereal Products

Doña Maria Brown Rice Puffs Series by SL Agritech Corporation: Crunchy, tasty, and nutritious oven-baked puff snacks made from Doña Maria Brown Rice.

Food Ingredients, Condiments, and Sweeteners

Maharlika Pure Calamansi Extract by One Vizcaya by Gulf Pacific Integrated Exports, Inc.: Pure calamansi extract conveniently packed in sachets for any time use.

Fish and Other Seafood Products

Northbay Deli Classic Salmon Smoked in Oil by Kai Anya Foods International Corporation: Ready-to-eat salmon belly strips in soya oil mixed with choice spices.

Here is the list of finalists:

The Locale Farm Strawberry Tea by Northern Roots SG Group, Inc. by The Legacy Farmers Agriculture Cooperative

Sabroso 100% Pure Cacao with Coconut Milk and Sugar by Sabroso Chocolate Manufacturing

OSH! Oh So Healthy Get Nutty (Nuts N’ Crisps Mix) by Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation

Stips Chips Salted Egg Cassava Chips by Happy Eats Corporation

unMEAT Meatballs in Spaghetti Sauce by Century Pacific Food, Inc.

unMEAT Luncheon Meat Hot & Spicy by Century Pacific Food, Inc.

Hab Eat Calamansi Extract Powder by PFP (Pautricia Food Processing) Corporation

Wangsil Radish Cubed Kimchi by Daebak Korean Food Trading

Hueza Crisps by Hueza Bakery

Daily Apple Chocolate-Coated Candied Roselle Flower by Herbanext Laboratories, Inc.

Sarap Pinoy Ginataang Bilo-Bilo by Grand Alphatech International Corporation

Coco Natura Premium Coco Syrup by Los Ricos Compania Corporation

Buenas Creamy Halo-Halo Series by Gem Foods International, Inc.

Buenas Gourmet Bagoong Tomato Flavor by Gem Foods International, Inc.

Grand Kim Sardines in Curry Sauce by ZC E & L Corporation 

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