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2 Filipinos held for fake US$1trillion docs

02 August 2018

By Vir B. Lumicao

Two Filipino tourists accused of using false instruments totaling nearly US$1 trillion to try to transact business in Hong Kong appeared for the first hearing of their cases in the District Court in Wanchai on Jul 17.

They included Brudencio J. Bolanos, who allegedly tried to pass off a US$943 billion bank deposit slip supposedly issued by HSBC on Jul 25, 1983.

The other was Noel Rambuyon, who was found with a wad of Thomas Cooke travelers cheques worth a total of US$50,000.

District Court.
Rambuyon,  in his 30s; and Bolaños, in his 60s; did not apply for bail and were ordered remanded in jail.

District Court judge Gary Lam adjourned the hearing to Sept 4 on the application of the defendant’s lawyer from Legal Aid who asked for time to review the cases.

Bolaños was arrested on Apr 9 after he allegedly tried to update his account at HSBC on using the US$943 billion deposit slip.

Staff called police after he allegedly tried to convince them that the document was genuine.

Rambuyon faces a charge of using a false instrument after his arrest around the Lunar New Year this year when he presented the Thomas Cooke traveler’s checks worth US$50,000 for exchange at a money shop in Central.

A police forensic exam determined that the travelers checks were fake, and this was confirmed by the bank that used to issue similar instruments in Britain.

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