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Join the Coins for Bethune House fund-raising project

17 August 2018

The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge is calling on more organizations and individuals to join its annual Coins for Bethune House fundraising project, which is meant to raise funds to sustain the shelter’s programs and expenses.

Those who wish to join may collect cans or jars for their donations from the Mission for Migrant Workers office in St John’s Cathedral on Garden Road, Hong Kong, or from the Bethune shelter on #2 Jordan Road, Kowloon.

Those who have already filled their cans are enjoined to submit them as soon as possible to #2 Jordan from Monday to Saturday, and to the Mission office on Sundays. The deadline for submitting the cans is on Sept 30.

The first counting of donations made through the cans began on Aug. 12, and will continue for the next Sundays until the deadline.

Bethune House executive director Edwina Antonio is appealing for more help, citing a financial crisis brought about by the unexpected withdrawal of funding support from big corporate donors.

“We are always grateful and thankful for the support the Filipino Community extends to our migrants in distress, especially women. And as everybody knows, the Bethune House is undergoing a crisis to come up with a significant amount to augment its finances to sustain its programs and expenses,” she said.

“It is during times of need that challenges turn into opportunities. It is through this that the Coins For Bethune House project was born years ago. It continues to help sustain us, which is why your coins are very much welcome,” Antonio also asserted.

For enquiries, please call 27213119, 25228264 or 93572125.
Note from Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge: “We met this young girl when we visited Bradbury School. She came to us with her teacher, holding a hundred dollar bill. She said  she and her sister made chatterboxes to sell to raise money for Bethune House. She is worried about the women at Bethune House. We, the residents were speechless by her compassion, sense of charity and social responsibility at her age, so humbled and touched by her gesture.”
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