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HK allows residents vaccinated in PH, Indonesia to enter from Sept 1

31 August 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap


Residents vaccinated in the Philippines and Indonesia can come in from Wednesday

Hong Kong will extend its recognition of vaccination records issued in the Philippines and Indonesia to all its residents stranded in both countries designated as high risk, starting on Sept 1.

This was announced by the government in an advisory issued late on Monday night.

The vaccination recognition was previously given only to foreign domestic helpers from the two places with valid employment visas in Hong Kong, starting Monday, Aug 30.


But unlike the FDHs who must spend their 21-day quarantine only at Silka Tsuen Wan hotel, returning residents (including dependants, students and other employment visa holders) could isolate at any of the designated quarantine hotels.

"Foreign domestic helpers holding vaccination records that have been affirmed by the relevant authorities of Indonesia or the Philippines must follow the quarantine arrangements as announced by the Government on August 26, including undergoing 21-day compulsory quarantine in a designated quarantine facility,” said the government statement.

“As for other Hong Kong residents, they can undergo compulsory quarantine in regular designated quarantine hotels.”

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The announcement followed a request personally made on behalf of the residents by Consul General Raly Tejada to Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, during her meeting with the top diplomats of ASEAN countries last Friday.

Nakinig naman po (siya),” (She listened) said ConGen Tejada at the time.

Before this, dozens of residents who have been stranded in the Philippines for months because of a flight ban imposed by Hong Kong on Apr 20 had besieged the Consulate with pleas for help, with many saying they needed to come back to see family members or take up jobs.


At least two parents worried about how their children who hold student visas in Hong Kong have also reached out, saying their kids needed to leave already so they could be in school on time, after spending 21 days in quarantine.

The failure to refer to all Hong Kong visa holders who bear the same vaccination record issued by the Bureau of Quarantine in the Philippines came as a surprise to many residents, as they had previously received priority for re-entry, given their family and work ties in the city.

Residents seem to have been overlooked in the vaccination recognition deal

Hong  Kong first opened its doors to residents and migrant workers in so-called high-risk countries who had their vaccination in the city, who were allowed to start coming in on Aug 9.

Those who received their jabs elsewhere must carry a vaccination record issued by a country with a “stringent regulatory authority” as designated by the World Health Authority, or with an agreement with Hong Kong on a mutual recognition of vaccination records.

The vaccination records issued by the Philippines and Indonesia fell into the last category, paving the way for FDHs, and now residents and other visa holders, to enter Hong Kong.

Also to be recognized starting Sept 1 are the Digital Covid Certificates issued by the European Union, according to the government statement.

These are the ones issued by authorities in North Macedonia, San Marino, Turkey, Ukraine and Vatican City.

All other EU countries in the high risk category, as well as the United States, Australia and Japan, had automatically qualified for vaccination recognition, as their issuing authorities had WHO recognition.

The link for the complete list of countries with recognized vaccination records is here: 

The government statement reminded all residents in the high-risk Group A specified places that they will be allowed to board a flight for Hong Kong if they have been fully vaccinated, hold a recognized vaccination record and fulfill other boarding requirements.

They will also be subject to the following quarantine requirements:

(1) Must undergo compulsory quarantine for 21 days in a designated quarantine hotel;

(2) Undergo 6 tests during compulsory quarantine;

(3) Self-monitor for the next 7 days; and

(4) Undergo another test on the 26th day from arrival in any community testing centre

The statement said Hong Kong is still negotiating with other high-risk countries whose vaccination records have yet to be recognized.

These include India, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Iran, South Africa, Tanzania and Russia.

The boarding and quarantine requirements for all travelers to Hong Kong can be found here:


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