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HK labour chief says 6% of recently returned Filipino DHs found infected

12 September 2021

By The SUN 

12 of the 200 Filipina DHs who arrived recently were found infected, says labour secretary

Labour Secretary Law Chi-kwong says Hong Kong needs to remain cautious when allowing foreign domestic workers to enter the city, saying 12 of the 200 Filipino domestic helpers who arrived in Hong Kong until Sept 10 were found infected with Covid-19.

Writing in his blog on Sunday, Law acknowledged that there are not enough quarantine places for the thousands of FDHs vaccinated in their home countries who have waited for months to enter Hong Kong.

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But he said that most of the FDHs are coming in from high-risk countries, so Hong Kong has to allow them to come in gradually to control risks.

He pointed out the 6% infection rate among the newly arrived Filipino DHs as a cause for alarm, saying this is much higher than other vaccinated persons arriving in Hong Kong from other places.


He said the simplest and most direct response is to limit the number of quarantine rooms to control the number of foreign domestic helpers coming to Hong Kong.

Law said that Silka Tsuen Wan Hotel’s 409 rooms means an average of 15 to 16 FDHs can be accommodated per day. Penny’s Bay quarantine centre, where 800 rooms have been set aside for them, can take in only 50 FDHs on a daily basis, which means about 65 can come in each day.


He said that the current number of quarantine rooms is already close to the average daily number of FDHs who came to Hong Kong before the suspension of passenger flights from the Philippines on Apr 20, so the government has no plans to increase its intake for now.

The labour chief says the authorities will review the situation daily to find out whether more quarantine rooms are needed, or it should strengthen controls further by reducing the supply of rooms.

Two of today's 3 cases tested positive for mutant virus on their arrival tests

Meanwhile, the Centre for Health Protection reported three new cases Sunday, involving fully vaccinated residents returning on Friday from Israel, Qatar and Japan.

They took to 12,146 Hong Kong’s total number of infections.


Two of the new patients, both females, tested positive for the L452R mutant strain of the coronavirus on their arrival test. The result of the test on the third patient, a man, is still pending.

The two women patients include a 31-year-old asymptomatic who arrived on CX676 from Tel Aviv, and a 36-year-old woman aged 36 who had symptoms and flew on Qatar Airlines flight QR818 from Doha.

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The woman from Doha tested negative in Hong Kong before flying to Nigeria on Aug 22.

Since she was in Hong Kong for part of the incubation period the places where she lived and worked will be put under compulsory testing notice. These are Tung Shun Hing Bldg at 22 Chi Kiang St, To Kwa Wan and the 28th floor of Lee & Man Commercial Centre, 169 Electric Road, North Point, respectively.

The third patient is a man aged 42 who arrived on Sept 10 via Flight JL 735 from Tokyo. He had no symptom. He tested positive at the quarantine centre where he was moved after being identified as a close contact of another man who was on the same flight.

A total of 47 cases have been reported in the past 14 days to Sept 11. All were imported.
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