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Indo DH arrested over phone scams on elderly women

05 October 2021

By The SUN 

Police ssuspect the helper was the one who collected the $210k from the victims

Police have arrested a 52-year-old Indonesian domestic helper for her alleged role in a telephone scam that resulted in two elderly women losing $210,000.

The report came during a press briefing by Kowloon East chief inspector Mok Tsz-wai earlier today, Oct 5.

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The helper was reportedly paid $3,000 to help a gang collect the money from the victims on two separate days last month.

In the first case, a 71-year-old woman received a call on Sept 6 at her home in Kennedy Town from someone who said her son was arrested after he got drunk, and that $110,000 was needed to bail him out.


At the caller’s instruction, the woman handed the money on the same day to another woman the police believe was the suspect, at Kowloon City Park. But on Sept 22 the victim met her son and realized she had been scammed.

A similar case happened on Sept 9 when an 81-year-old woman received a call from someone who claimed to be her son. The caller said he needed $100,000 for bail after he got arrested while drunk.


Again, the victim went to Kowloon City Park and gave the money to a woman. The victim realized she had been scammed when she met her son on Sept 13.

Police statistics show the number of scams more than doubled  last year

Police say that instead of asking victims to transfer money to bank accounts, scammers now ask that the money be handed over in person. This is because bank staff are reportedly more alert about scams, aside from the transfer being easily traced.

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Chief Insp Mok also said scammers are now using other tactics, like pretending to be a person in authority, instead of being a mere family member in distress.

He cited the recent case of a 12-year-old boy who received a call from someone pretending to be his teacher, who said he needed money to bail himself out after being  arrested for prostitution.

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