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HK agrees to recognize Phl’s digital vaccination certificate

01 February 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap 

The recognized format of the digital VaxCertPH

The Hong Kong government has accepted the Philippines’ digital vaccination certificate (otherwise known as VaxCertPH) for entry into the territory.

Consul General Raly Tejada announced the move yesterday, Jan 31, after the Hong Kong government issued a press release adding VaxCertPH in its list of recognized vaccination records.

Before this, only the Yellow Card issued by the Bureau of Quarantine was accepted as proof of vaccination for qualified people who received their Covid-19 jabs in the Philippines, and want to fly into Hong Kong.


“This is in addition to the Yellow Card, which means travelers now have the option to present either document when checking in at the airport (NAIA) and upon arrival in HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport,” said Congen Tejada.

The news should come as a relief to many Hong Kong-bound travelers, mostly foreign domestic workers who are about to take up a job in the city for the first time.

Thousands of FDWs who were stranded by a four-month travel ban imposed by Hong Kong on the Philippines last year were unable to book their flights and quarantine places in the city immediately because they could not secure an appointment for the Yellow Card, which was used by all Filipinos intending to travel abroad. 


Some of those who did find slots had to travel to some far-off office of the BOQ to secure the much-needed card.

However, this no longer seems to be the problem but a new ban on passenger flights imposed by Hong Kong on the Philippines and seven other countries beginning on Jan. 8. The ban, which was supposed to last for only two weeks, has now been extended to Feb. 18.

Hong Kong-bound Filipino workers used to wait for a long time to get the Yellow Card

In its statement announcing the recognition of the second vaccination certificate issued by the Philippines, the Hong Kong government also said that it had agreed to accept vaccination records issued by Peru and the United Nations starting next Saturday, Feb 5.


Peru is currently a Group A or “high risk” specified place, as do 147 other countries. But under a new regulation that takes effect on Feb 5, all arrivals in Hong Kong from abroad will have to undergo compulsory quarantine for 14 days in a designated hotel, regardless of the risk category of the place they come from.

On the other hand, the UN has been arranging vaccination for its personnel worldwide, and has been issuing relevant vaccination records. 

Hong Kong will now accept the vaccination certificates issued by the two entities as long as they are in the prescribed format.


In addition, the vaccines administered to the relevant travelers have to be listed in Hong Kong’s list of Covid-19 vaccines recognized for specified purposes.

Vaccination records recognized by Hong Kong include (a) vaccination records issued by Hong Kong, (b) vaccination records or certifications issued by Mainland or Macao authorities or an institution recognised by Mainland or Macao authorities, (c) vaccination records or certifications issued by an authority or recognised institution of a country where its national regulatory authority is designated by the World Health Organization as a stringent regulatory authority, (d) vaccination records or certifications issued by a relevant authority or recognised institution of a country with which Hong Kong has reached a recognition agreement arrangement with its government, or (e) vaccination records issued by an organization with which Hong Kong has reached a recognition agreement arrangement.


The acceptance of the BOQ-issued Yellow Card and the VaxCertPH falls under category d above.

The complete list of the accepted vaccination certificates can be found here:

Please click on “Philippines” to see the recognized format of the Yellow Card and the VaxCertPh.


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