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New Covid-19 cases dip to about 25K but deaths soar to 280

07 March 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap


Many businesses have shut for the meantime amid fears of further spike in cases

Health officials reported a third consecutive drop in coronavirus cases Monday. A total of 25,150 confirmed cases were reported from PCR tests conducted by government and private laboratories, down nearly 6,000 from yesterday’s tally and by more than half since last week.

Of the total number, 32 were imported, and 35 arrived on board Garuda flight GA876 from Indonesia, prompting the two-week suspension of the flight.


Hong Kong’s total infection figure from the fifth wave has now risen to 484,136.

At the same time, the Centre for Health Protection announced that a platform for reporting positive results from rapid antigen tests (RATs) would be launched today to give the government a better understanding of the extent of the infection in the city.

It is feared a big underreporting of cases has occurred because the reported daily figures announced by the government come only from PCR tests and do not include those from RATs which have been used extensively by residents for the past two weeks at least.


Meanwhile, the positive outlook was dampened by a new record death toll from Covid-19.

The Hospital Authority’s Dr Sara Ho said 161 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours alone, while an additional 119 cases that occurred a few days earlier were not added on time.

The 280 additional cases raised the city’s death toll from the fifth wave to 2,074.


Ho also reported the deaths of two young girls early today, whose cases will be added to tomorrow’s tally. She said both girls had pre-existing health conditions and had a dose each of Sinovac vaccine last month.

The first girl who was 8, had thyroid issues and was taken to a private hospital with a fever and headache yesterday. A rapid test at the hospital showed she was positive for Covid-19 but she was just given medicines and was sent home.


At 7am today her parents noticed her condition had worsened and had her rushed to Queen Mary Hospital by ambulance. She passed away at 8:28 this morning.

The second girl, aged four years old, had a congenital heart disease and was taken to Queen Mary at 2am this morning after she started vomiting. She had no heart beat when she arrived at the hospital but emergency staff managed to resuscitate her briefly. She was declared dead at 9:35am.

Among today’s 161 fatalities, 147 were aged 65 years old and above, and 96 came from care homes. 106 were males and 55 were females, aged 29 to 109.

Those who did not have any vaccine at all totaled 106, while 21 had a jab each, 13 had two doses and one had three doses.

Among the relatively young fatalities were: (1) a 29-year-old female whose cancer had metastasized; (2) a 36-year-old female who had a thyroid problem and collapsed at home on Mar 5. She had no heartbeat when she arrived at the hospital but was briefly revived; (3) a 45-year-old male who was undergoing dialysis; (4) a 49-year-old female who also had late-stage cancer.

The additional 119 fatalities were made up of 76 males and 43 females aged 50 to 101.

Ho said that of the 8,010 patients being treated in public hospitals 75 were in critical condition with 68 in ICU, while 106 are in serious condition.

Two doctors each from CHP and HA were at today's press briefing
Dr Albert Au of the Centre for Health Protection said a case analysis of the death toll from the fifth wave showed an overwhelming majority, or 94.8% of the patients were aged 65 and above.

An equally big number, or 90.6% were either not vaccinated at all, or had incomplete vaccination. The ratio rises to 93.1% for those aged 80 and above.

Au said that from the data, it could be seen that those who did not get vaccinated were 8 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those who had been jabbed. The difference was more marked for those aged 80 and above.

He also reported that 18 more residential care homes have reported infections; 11 of them house elderly residents while seven cater to the disabled. Those who tested positive involved 69 residents and 43 staff.

A total of 673 elderly homes and 220 homes for the disabled have now been stricken with Covid-19. The number of infected residents has gone up to 14,700 while more than 4,000 staff have been affected.

CHP controller Dr Edwin Tsui reported that the long-awaited portal for registering positive results from RATs would be uploaded starting at 6pm today. The website address is

He said reporting RAT results is not mandatory, but he was hoping people would sign up with the platform to help give the government a better idea of the extent of infection in the fifth wave.

Those who tested RAT-positive on Mar 6 and 7 are being encouraged to register their personal particulars and those living with them in the same household so they could be given immediate medical assistance if needed.

Those who tested positive between Feb 26 and Mar 5 are given a week to sign up and provide information.

Those who have difficulty accessing the website may also contact the hotline, 1839 119, and enter their HKID number through an automated system.

Since the number is expected to be busy given the thousands of people who would most likely try to gain access, online registration is being encouraged.

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