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Single-day death toll from Covid rise to 249 but confirmed cases steady

14 March 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap


Lau says public hospitals are setting aside more beds for Covid patients  

A total of 249 deaths from Covid-19 were recorded on Sunday, the single biggest daily tally in Hong Kong. An additional 37 people passed away between Feb 27 and Mar 12 but their cases were not reported immediately, making a total of 286 reported deaths today, Mar 14.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases was pretty steady at 26,908 with those reported from rapid antigen tests or RAT outnumbering those from PCR tests.

According to the Centre for Health Protection’s Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan, the number of positive cases from RAT were 14,868 while those from PCR tests was 12,040.


The new cases pushed up the total tally from the fifth wave of the infection to 721,254. PCR test results make up the bulk of the cases at 623,044 while those from RAT totaled 98,110.

Dr Chuang said the daily figures remain high so people should continue observing good personal hygiene and social distancing measures.

Responding to a question about the record high in the daily death toll, Hospital Authority’s Dr Lau Ka-hin said their focus is more on making sure patients’ symptoms do not worsen, like from mild to serious, or even death.


To this end, he said public hospitals have employed the triage system, or deciding the order of treatment of patients so those who need urgent attention are looked after first; and expanding facilities to better treat them.

More than 10,000 beds in various hospitals have already been converted for use by Covid patients while six new designated clinics will open tomorrow to attend to the needs of  patients with mild symptoms.

A new hotline under the Community Care system will also open, dedicated to responding to the needs of high-risk patients, like those aged 70 and above, 5 years and below, women who are at least 28 weeks pregnant and those who are immunocompromised.

Press for details

Regarding the deaths reported in the past 24 hours he said 151 of them were males and 98 were females, aged 39 to 105 years old.

As before, a big number of them – 134 – lived in elderly or care homes, and 165 did not have any vaccination. However, 41 had one vaccine dose, 39 had two doses and four had three doses.

Nearly all, or 231 of the deceased, were aged 65 and above. The ones who were younger, including the 39-year-old patient, had chronic diseases like cancer, stroke and hepatitis, thyroid or liver problem and epilepsy.

The cases that were backlogged comprised 22 males and 15 females aged 64 to 106 years old.

Chuang says 4,066 people have died from Covid in the 5th wave

Chuang said the number of deaths from the fifth wave has now gone up to 4,066, leading to a  death rate of 0.56%.

Among the deceased, 4,057 died in hospital while nine tested positive during post mortem. More than half of them, or 59%, lived in a care home. Nearly all, or 95.5%, were aged 60 and above.

As of the latest report, 9,905 patients were being treated in public hospitals and the AsiaWorld Expo treatment facility.


Among these patients, 91 are in critical condition while 112 are in serious condition.

A total of 371 patients have been discharged after treatment.

Lau also said the number of HA staff who have tested positive for Covid-19 has gone up to 15,227 although 6,948 of them have already returned to work.

The situation remains dire in residential care homes, with 11 more such facilities reporting new infections yesterday. Those affected included 46 residents and two staff members.

As of today, 752 homes for the elderly have reported infections, accounting for 90% of all such facilities across Hong Kong.

A total of 34,373 residents have been infected, making up about 30-40% percent of all those residing in the care facilities. The number of infected staff is 9,263 or about 22% of all those working in the care homes.

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