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Thousands swarm newly launched RAT reporting platform

08 March 2022

 By The SUN


A positive result from a RAT shows two bars appearing in the kit

As expected, hundreds of thousands of people who tested positive for Covid-19 using rapid antigen test (RAT) kits have besieged a platform for registering their personal information as soon as it was set up by the government at 6pm Monday.

The platform can be accessed here:

Reports said that about three hours after it was launched, a queuing number of more than 240,000 was seen on the online platform. Despite this, the website was said to have run smoothly with the wait lasting no longer than a minute.


Once the positive results from RAT are verified, it is expected that at least 150,000 additional cases will be added to the official tally which now stands at over 480,000 from the fifth wave alone.

RAT-positive patients are asked to register their personal details, including name, HKID number, phone number, address, vaccination dates, the date when they tested positive, occupation, company name, whether they have symptoms, and how many people are living with them.

They are also required to indicate if they live in crowded home conditions which would qualify them priority admission to isolation facilities, or if they belong to the high-risk categories which will could get them admitted to a hospital.


After they have successfully submitted their declaration they will receive an SMS message which will give them a link to a site where they can upload supporting documents such as photos of their positive RAT result and HKID, and download isolation or quarantine orders.

First page of the online declaration form

At a press briefing earlier, Dr Edward Tsui, controller of the Centre for Health Protection, said they expected a huge number of people to visit the site as soon as it launched because the use of RAT had become very popular amid the surge in cases.

Tsui urged those who tested positive to make use of the platform so the government will have a better idea of how many cases there are in the community.

Aside from this, he said the platform will speed up support for confinees and facilitate the issuance of isolation orders for those who are staying at home.

But he said reporting RAT positive results through the platform is not mandatory.

He said the platform should first be used by those who tested positive on Mar 6 and 7 so help could be extended to them immediately.


Those who got positive results from Feb 26 (when the government said all positive results from RAS were deemed confirmed) to Mar 5 have a week to report their cases.

“You don’t have to be too eager to report to us because you have one week to do so,” he said.

Despite the advice, thousands rushed to get their positive results registered, with many apparently anxious to be moved to isolation facilities where they could get a room to themselves and served three meals a day at no cost.

In addition, the registration will allow them to secure proof of their infection which they can use to apply for sick leave.

In the case of Filipino domestic workers, the record proof could also help them secure cash benefits from the Philippine government amounting to USD200.

Those who are unable to log onto the website may use the hotline, 1836 119 and enter their HKID number to an automated system. But Tsui cautioned the wait may be a lot longer so it is better to just use the online platform.

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