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No new case of Covid-19 again today in HK

24 April 2020

By The SUN
No new case has been detected, even among new arrivals at the airport

For the second time this week, no new case of Covid-19 was reported in Hong Kong today, Apr 24. 

Thus, there was no briefing again today by the city’s health officials as on Monday, when no new case was also recorded. The last time this happened was on Mar 5, nearly two months ago.

Hong Kong’s total tally since the first case was recorded on Jan 24 this year is now steady at 1,035. But only about a third of the patients are still in 14 public hospitals. The rest have been discharged after recovering.

Pindutin para sa detalye!

The death toll has remained at four.

What makes Hong Kong unique is that not one of its health workers has been infected with the virus. This could be attributed both to them being provided with enough PPEs (personal protective equipment) and the strict health protocol being followed in the city.

Medical personnel at Eastern Hospital with posters urging people to follow social distancing 
Everyone found infected, even those who don’t have symptoms, is put in an isolation room in a hospital. They will be discharged only if they return several negative results, to ensure they don’t infect anyone else after leaving the hospital.

To date, a total of 187 asymptomatic carriers have been detected and hospitalized.

Lately, all residents (including migrant workers, students and diplomatic staff) returning from overseas are being  required to undergo tests for the virus at AsiaWorld-Expo near the airport, and will not be allowed to go home until the test results are out.
Those who arrive in the afternoon or in the evening are taken to Regal Oriental hotel in Kowloon where they are quarantined overnight while waiting for their test result.

If the result is positive, the traveler is brought directly to a hospital. If negative, the traveler is put under a mandatory home quarantine for 14 days, and tracked with an electronic wristband to ensure he or she doesn’t venture out. The penalties for violators are stiff.
Since Apr 12, the number of new cases has remained in the single digit, and most of them were brought in by returning residents, mostly from Britain and the United States.

The last locally acquired case was reported on Apr 19. It pertains to a 47-year-old ground crew of Virgin Atlantic who is tasked with ushering arriving passengers to transport links to the immigration counters at the airport. The source of her infection is still being investigated.

But social distancing measures will stay in place until May 7

Despite its exemplary handling of the outbreak, Hong Kong is not taking any chances. Its social distancing rules, which allow no more than four people to gather in public, have been extended until May 7.
Also in line with this policy, venues which attract large gatherings like amusement parks, cinemas, clubs, sports facilities, gyms, massage and beauty parlors, will remain closed.

Restaurants remain open, but are allowed to sit only four people per table, which should at least be 1.5 meters apart.

The airport remains closed to non-residents.

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