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No new Covid-19 case in HK for 2nd straight day

27 April 2020

By The SUN

Save for the face masks, it would seem life in this Saikung seaside town is back to normal

There was no press briefing by Hong Kong’s health officials again today for the same reason there was none yesterday. It’s because no new confirmed case of Covid-19 was reported in the city; the second in two days, and the fourth in seven days.

There was also great news for 62 patients who were discharged from 14 public hospitals in the past 24 hours, a record daily release for the city.

Of the total infection figure of 1,038, only 247 are still in hospital. The total discharged figure of 787 accounts for a remarkable 75.8% of the total cases so far. The death toll remains at 4.
Elsewhere, however, the picture looks grim, with the total infection across the globe breaching the 3-million mark.

The world tally now stands at 3,013,840, with 207,900 deaths, or nearly 7% overall. The total number of recovered patients is 888,516, which translates to just about 30% of the total infections so far.

The country with the highest infection figure is still the United States, which has close to a million cases, or 987,916 in all. Next is Spain, with 229,422; Italy with 197,675; France with 162,100; Germany with 157,946 and Britain with 152,840.


The death toll has eased considerably across the board, however, unlike in the past two weeks when hundreds, if not thousands, were reported to have succumbed daily to Covid-19 in the hardest-hit European cities, and in New York City, the epicenter in the U.S.

Latest figures show only 12 new deaths across the United States, while Spain led the fatality toll with 331 over the past 14 hours.

The tally for new cases puts Russia on top with a disturbing 6,918 daily toll. And while Spain’s death toll has dwindled considerably, it still recorded 2,793 new cases for the day.

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Closer to Hong Kong, Singapore continues to bear the brunt from a wave of recent infections. Its total number of confirmed cases is now at 14,423, with about 92% of the patients still in hospital. A total of 799 new cases were recorded within the day.

The downward trend has caused several governments to start lifting lockdown restrictions. However, medical experts continue to urge caution, saying this could lead to a second wave of infections which the already beleaguered cities might find harder to contain.

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