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Thousands of Hongkongers step out on another Covid-free day

27 April 2020

by The SUN

Pedestrian traffic in Causeway Bay looked as it did pre-Covid

Taking advantage of the clear and sunny day, Hongkongers poured out onto the streets, shopping malls and other places of recreation on Sunday, Apr 26. The fact that no new case of Covid-19 was again detected for the day gave them another reason to celebrate.

There was good news, too, for 28 infected patients who were given the all-clear and were discharged from various hospitals today. That left the number of those still confined in hospitals to 313, with 725 discharged, out of a total tally of 1,038.

Pindutin para sa detalye!

Despite venturing out in droves, many people conspicuously conformed to the government’s social distancing rules. Restaurants were packed, but diners were strictly kept to four to a table, with all tables set at least 1.5 meters apart.

Locals were back to enjoying Sai Kung's seafood eateries sans the tourists

Many of those who strolled along beaches and on promenades also kept a distance from each other, as well as those who sat in parks, except for some migrant workers in both Central and Causeway Bay.
Medical experts say that if Hong Kong is able to keep the number of new cases in low numbers, ideally with no local transmission, the city should be able to gradually open up starting next month.

For now, however, the social distancing measures, which include the closure of entertainment venues like amusement parks, theaters, pubs and karaoke bars, will remain in place until May 7.

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