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2 Indonesians, 8 Indians among 13 new imported Covid-19 cases

17 August 2020

By The SUN

Two recently arrived Indonesian DHs were among those found with Covid-19 (file photo) 

There has been a resurgence in the number of travelers arriving in Hong Kong with the novel coronavirus disease, with 13 of the 44 new Covid-19 cases reported today, Aug. 17, classified as imported.

The biggest group comprised eight returning residents from India, two foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, two from Russia (one of whom is a seafarer), and one air crew from Ethiopia.

This is the biggest group of imported cases reported since new travel restrictions were imposed on Jul 25 for travelers from nine high-risk countries including India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Everyone who flies in from these countries is required to produce a certificate showing a negative result for Covid-19 through a nucleic acid test conducted within 72 hours before their flight, as well as proof of booking in a Hong Kong hotel for the 14-day quarantine.

The rise in the number of infected travelers coming in from the high-risk places could indicate either a quick reinfection, or faulty testing.

But as Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection has said, the false negative results from the travelers could still be remedied by the second testing conducted for all new arrivals at the airport.

According to Dr Chuang at today’s media briefing, among the 31 locally acquired cases was a third Indonesian worker who tested positive after staying in a boarding house at Cheung Hing Mansion in Mong Kok.

The maid tested preliminary positive yesterday, and was the third Indonesian worker who had stayed in boarding houses in the building to have been found infected.

A family member of the person running at least two boarding houses in the building also tested positive, so everyone found living in both premises have been put under quarantine.
The CHP has distributed specimen bottles to all residents of the building to prevent the further spread of the virus.
Also among the new cases were two workers at the Kwai Chung container terminal, one is a crane operator, and the other, a truck driver.

Chuang did not name the company there work with, but said they were not connected to Wang Kee company, where the biggest cluster of cases at the port has been found. The company has suspended its operations from today because of the contamination, believed to have started from its resting room.

A crane operator is one of 2 cases today from the Kwai Chung container port (RTHK photo)
The CHP has reportedly distributed more than 8,000 sample bottles to people working at the container port, where at least 57 cases have now been linked.

Another notable case was an IT (information technology) executive who was found infected for a second time after testing negative twice for the virus before his discharge from hospital in April. The 33-year-old patient who flew in from Spain and Australia, tested positive on arrival at the airport.
There has been a respite, however, from the daily deaths from Covid-19 being reported, nearly all of them elderly patients with pre-existing conditions.

Dr Lau Ka-hin of the Hospital Authority said the death toll has remained steady at 67. A total of 4,525 confirmed cases have now been recorded.

As of 9am today, 783 confirmed patients are receiving treatment in 21 public hospitals and the treatment facilities at Lei Yue Mun and AsiaWorld-Expo. Among these, 29 are in critical condition, 39 are serious, and 715 are in stable condition.

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