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Take down that embarrassing video!

20 August 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

A blurred image from the video shows up to 3 women engaging in hair-pulling
This was the appeal issued by Consul General Raly Tejada today, Aug 20, as a video footage showing two groups of Filipinas fighting on a footbridge linking United Centre (where the Consulate is) to nearby buildings, went viral.

Congen Tejada said he asked people to take down the video because it was embarrassing to see Filipinas fighting in public and hurting each other while using foul language.

He also warned that the video could be used as evidence against those involved should the police decide to investigate the public scandal, which is a crime in Hong Kong.
“Sabi ko visit sila sa Consulate (at) kung pwede pang ayusin we will mediate,” he said.
(I have advised them to visit us at the Consulate and if it it’s possible to resolve their differences, we will mediate).

As of this writing, the video has been shared online by several groups, with the one put up by an online site called Viral King having been viewed by half a million people.
According to the subtitles on the video, the two groups were fighting over a “tambayan” or a space usually marked by groups as their regular hang-out during their Sunday off.

But no other details were given as to who the women were, and which group they belonged to.
The one claiming to have uploaded the video shared these shots taken before and during the brawl
The Filipina who claimed to have taken the video shared a post saying the commotion started at about 12 noon when a group of fellow domestic helpers descended on her group, and said the place they were occupying was theirs.

The new arrivals reportedly threatened the other group with “Baguhan lang kayo, kami 20 years na dito (HK). Di nyo kami kilala.”

The uploader said her group decided to give way but changed their minds when they saw that the space they were told to move to was wet and near a trash can.

That was when the women in the other group allegedly started shouting and hitting them. The video later showed the apparent aggressors grabbing at the one with the camera, before shots were shown of two women pulling each other’s hair. At this point, someone could be heard shouting, "Call police, call police!"

Longtime Filipino community leader Ching Baltazar, whose group, Balikatan sa Kaunlaran, used to meet up on the same footbridge during their days-off, said she didn’t recognize the women in the video.

She also said that since she had gone home for good, BSK had moved to a quieter spot near the High Court, on the opposite side of United Centre.

Pindutin para sa detalye

But she said it was shocking to see Filipinas engaging in a brawl over such a trifling matter.

“Kung nandyan ako hindi mangyayari yan,” Baltazar said with a tinge of regret.
(If I were still there, that wouldn’t have happened).

Congen Tejada also said it was unnecessary to fight over public space, as there’s enough of it in Hong Kong.

“Mutual respect na lang,” he said.

But since he didn’t know exactly what transpired, he said he wanted the parties involved to approach the Consulate, and if possible, settle the issue amicably.

He added: “Gaya ng sabi ko lagi sa mga kababayan natin, sila ang imahen ng ating bayan sa publiko. Kung anong makitang asal nila yon na ang tatatak sa isip ng iba. Konting hinahon is my appeal.”

(As I keep reminding our fellow Filipinos, we are the image of our country in public. Whatever we show in public is what will get imprinted in the minds of other people. I appeal to everyone for sobriety).

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