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Filipina saleslady fined $2,000 for punching World-Wide shop owner

18 November 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The punching incident happened inside this favorite haunt of Filipinos

A Filipina sales staff at World-Wide House was fined $2,000 today, Nov 18, by an Eastern Court magistrate after she admitted a charge of assaulting the owner of an adjacent shop.

N. C. de Guzman, 23, a Hong Kong resident, pleaded guilty when she appeared before Magistrate Bina Chainrai.

Pindutin para sa detalye

The prosecution said the incident happened at 9:25am on Sept 3 outside Mekeni Mart on Level 2 of World-Wide’s shopping arcade.

The prosecution said L. Maniaul, 50, Mekeni owner, and her staff J. Marciano, 37, were tending the shop when a heated argument broke out between Marciano and De Guzman, who works at the nearby Filipino Enterprises.


Maniaul intervened and tried to separate the two sales ladies, but De Guzman became emotional and punched the shop owner in the face.

The incident was reported to police and responding officers investigated Maniaul, Marciano and De Guzman. The officers also reviewed a CCTV footage of the fight.

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Afterwards, the police arrested De Guzman for “assault occasioning actual bodily harm”. They also seized from a Chinese man a USB flash drive where a copy of the CCTV footage was stored.

Maniaul was sent to Queen Mary Hospital where she was treated. A medical certificate issued by her attending physician said she had bruising on her upper and lower lips.

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The defendant was taken to the Central Police Station where she was further investigated. De Guzman admitted she punched Maniaul, but claimed this was after the latter had elbowed her.

The defendant provided a CCTV footage showing the victim elbowing her, while Maniaul also gave a footage of the incident. After viewing all the footages, police charged De Guzman with common assault.

The defendant’s duty lawyer appealed for leniency, saying De Guzman was a single mom with a 3-year-old daughter living with her parents in the Philippines. The lawyer said her remorseful client was the sole supporter of her daughter and parents.

 Magistrate Chainrai said that, after considering the defendant’s clear record, she was imposing a $2,000 fine to be set off by her bail.   


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