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Filipino resident pleads guilty to rape, will be sentenced Dec 16

18 November 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The defendant pleaded guilty in Eastern Court, but will be sentenced in the High Court

A Hong Kong-born Filipino man has pleaded guilty in Eastern Court to a charge of raping a Filipina in Lantau on Jan 31 this year.

The defendant, Mark Angelo Roxas, admitted the offense on Nov 16 before Magistrate Cheang Kei-hong, who scheduled the sentencing at the Court of First Instance on Dec 16.

Roxas was initially charged in Kowloon City Court in early February with raping the victim identified only as X, a cousin of his brother’s wife.

Pindutin para sa detalye

The prosecution said he is the son of a Filipino permanent resident of Hong Kong who lives in Tung Chung. He was born in Hong Kong but is a Filipino citizen, the prosecutor said.

According to the prosecution, the incident happened after a celebration on Jan 30 in Tung Chung, during which the defendant had been drinking with friends and family, including the victim.

The defendant, who lived in Macau, came over to spend the holiday with his father, the prosecution said. Whenever he was in Hong Kong, he usually slept on the sofa. 


According to the facts of the case read out in court, Roxas and the family of his brother, as well as X and her friends, had a barbecue party in Lantau on Jan 30. X invited the guests to her flat just before midnight, during which she served beer and cognac.

Around 2:30am the next day, X excused herself and went to her bedroom to sleep but left the door unlocked. Around 5am, she woke up because she dreamt somebody was thrusting something in her private part.

She realized that the defendant, who was calling her name, was lying in bed behind her, and then penetrated her about 10 times. When he was done, the defendant got up naked from the waist down and left the room.

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The victim followed Roxas outside the room and hit his head with a frying pan and told him to go away.

Roxas’ brother who was awakened by the noise got up and pursued the defendant as he fled. The brother then reported the incident to the police and the defendant was arrested.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

But at the police station, when officers asked where he got the bump on his face and a bruise on his temple, Roxas said he had hurt himself.

Since his arrest, Roxas has been held in custody as the magistrate rejected his bail applications on the ground that rape is a serious case, and the risk of him absconding was high.


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