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FDH with prolonged sore throat infects employer, two young wards

21 February 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Chuang says the FDH did not seek medical help immediately after developing symptoms

A foreign domestic helper had reportedly infected her female employer and her two young daughters, aged 1 and 2, despite testing negative when she took a coronavirus test two weeks after her symptom began.

Health department staff said today, Feb 21, that they could not ascertain the helper’s nationality.

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The employer, her daughters and the helper, who was tested again, were among the 20 new cases recorded today, which brought Hong Kong’s total tally to 10,869.

Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan from the Centre for Health Protection said in today’s press briefing that the helper, aged 35, had a sore throat on Feb 3.

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Then her one-year-old ward developed a symptom on Feb 9, followed by her 29-year-old employer on Feb 12, and her two-year-old ward on Feb 14. On Feb 16, the helper took her specimen to the hospital with the help of the employer and initially tested negative.

The helper underwent a second test and was confirmed positive yesterday, along with her employer and the two toddlers. They all live in Tower 1 of The Apex in Kwai Chung.

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Chuang said the employer and her family were infected as the helper had a rather high CT value of 37 due to her long period of having the symptom before she went for a test. 

The Apex in Kwai Chung where the helper lives with her employer's family

The lone imported case was a 68-year-old woman who arrived on Feb 20 from India via flight AI 1314 and tested positive at the Asia World Expo testing facility. 


The CHP official said six of the new patients were identified in compulsory testing sites.

Six of the 19 local cases have untraceable sources while 13 were linked to other infections.

There are also more than 10 preliminary positive cases, Chuang said.


Chuang said one of the six with untraceable sources was a man aged 72 who lives in Block 1 of Sceneway Garden in Lam Tin where compulsory testing was held on Feb 17.

She identified another of the six as a public light bus driver without a fixed route but who last plied the Laguna City, Kwun Tong-Castle Peak, Tsuen Wan route. He must have contracted the virus by handling money paid by his passengers, Chuang said.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

Chuang advised all passengers who might have taken that minibus to go for a checkup if they don’t feel well.

The CHP official said there was an outbreak at the Caritas Lok Yi School on Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, where a male staff and two male students were confirmed positive today. Two other staff members and another student were preliminary positive cases.

She said 40 staff of the school and 20 students will be quarantined due to the outbreak.

The staff who worked at Caritas Lok Yi School also worked as a male social worker at the Hong Shi Pinehill School.

Six residents and a dozen staff members of the school who the patient had been in contact with will have to be quarantined, said Chuang.

She also said about 100 officers and staff of a property company in Shamshuipo were sent to compulsory testing and quarantine after one IT staff there tested positive and another tested preliminary positive despite being not close contacts.

CHP would not say if the fourth wave of infections has eased

Asked if she thought the fourth wave of the pandemic was stabilizing, Chuang said she could not comment on that.

“With any relaxation of social distancing, any gatherings, there are threats of transmissions, so the public have to be careful in observing hygiene as much as possible and try to reduce big gatherings as much as possible,” Chuang said.

“So I would describe the current situation as not yet completely stabilized.” 

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