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Police out in force again to enforce social distancing

22 February 2021

By The SUN 

Police going around with loudspeaker reminding the public about the rules

Many foreign domestic workers played cat-and-mouse with law enforcers on Sunday, Feb. 21, as they tried to avoid being caught violating distancing restrictions, including one that allows only up to two people to gather in public.

Police officers, along with staff of various government departments, took to busy spots across the city again to enforce the anti-pandemic rules which were eased considerably starting Thursday.

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Most venues closed since mid-November have been allowed to reopen, and restaurants can now sit up to four people to a table, and offer dine-in services until 10pm from the previous 6pm.

However, the rule that forbids more than two people to gather in public has been extended for another week, or until Mar. 3.

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Despite the continuing effort to get the unusually heavy crowds of people in known haunts of FDWs in Central and Causeway Bay to keep social distancing, the law enforcers were noticeably more lax in their approach.

Hard to maintain social distancing on busy Chater Road
The officers patrolled the areas throughout the day and could be seen issuing warnings, but did not appear to have issued anyone with a fixed penalty ticket costing $5,000 apiece.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Instead, they largely went around with a loudhailer reminding everyone about the social distancing regulations, and would just pause every now and then to issue verbal warnings to various groups that squatted or stood close to each other.


Many FDW groups kept lookouts so that as soon as a police entourage made its way towards them, they would split into groups of two, and keep or face away from each other. Once the coast was clear they would resume their group activities that included eating, chatting and dancing together.


As the weather had turned hot, not a few could be seen taking off their masks, or taking refuge beyond the allowed number inside tents scattered by the roadside.

Indonesian workers at Victoria Park gather close to each other

Over at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, a police van could be seen parked near where groups of Indonesian domestic workers were gathered, but officers were few and far apart, and seemed oblivious to the violations being committed.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

Elsewhere in the city, people were out in droves, taking advantage of the warm weather and the more relaxed enforcement of the law. With the mass inoculation against Covid-19 about to start, everyone, it seemed, was hopeful the dark days of the pandemic are about to end.

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