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25 people arrested for scamming Filipina in HK of over P5M, says report

22 May 2023


Police display items seized from online scammers (File Photo)

Another Filipina in Hong Kong has been fleeced of more than Php5 million in a cryptocurrency scam, according to a report on GMA News.

No dates were mentioned, but the report said 25 suspects were arrested after the Filipina immediately reported the case to the police after realizing she had been duped.

It did not say, though, whether the money or part of it, has been recovered.


The Consulate’s assistance to nationals section has not responded to a query on whether it was aware of the case.

The report comes just two months after another Filipina resident complained to the police and the Consulate after she lost HK$700,000 (also about Php5million) to a group that lured her into a supposed trading platform.

In both cases, the victims were made to think they were making a profit from their “investment” when all they were shown were manufactured figures in an online platform controlled by the syndicate.

Magkano? Pindutin ito!

In the later case, the Filipina called “Joy” was offered the fake investment scheme on social media. She was told that she would make money by transferring money into some bank accounts.

Joy was encouraged to keep transferring money when her initial investment of Php1,500 ballooned to more than Php2 million according to her dummy account controlled by the scammers.

But when she asked to withdraw her money, she was told she would be charged 20% of the total amount. In truth, the scammers would never have given back a single cent of what she had put in.


Joy reported the case immediately to the police, and the suspects were nabbed.

In the earlier case, the victim lost all her money in just one day. An offer to reward her small amounts by participating in a survey and small online jobs got her hooked to the investment scam.

After reporting to the authorities, she was told that the three Filipinas whose bank accounts were used to receive her money were all migrant workers in Hong Kong. But she was not made aware of any arrests being made following her complaint.

Pindutin para sa detalye

At one stage, the police also told her that her case had been transferred from the Wanchai station to Tseung Kwan O because that was where one of the suspects had operated from. But again, no further information was given her.

She has now accepted that there is little chance that she will get her money back, but remains hopeful that the people behind the scam would be put behind bars.

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