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Wife of prominent Phl lawmaker warns about DH's alleged P1-M theft

15 May 2023


Marivic Delfon's mug shot after her arrest for the theft

The wife of a Philippine lawmaker from the prominent Remulla clan has posted a warning about her former “kasambahay” about having allegedly jumped bail to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong.

In her post on the Facebook page Hong Kong Moms, Georgia P. Remulla (married to Cavite Rep. Crispin Diego Remulla) said an arrest warrant has already been issued against the maid who stole Php1million worth of jewelry and other items from her two weeks after she had given birth.

Remulla posted a copy of the helper’s passport showing her name as Marivic Casasola Delfon, whose place of birth was Isabela province. Another photo showed a mug shot of Delfon, and another, of the arrest warrant issued against her by a Las Pinas City judge. 


“For months, she (Delfon) played me and my family and kept telling us other people had taken it- that a ghost was in my house, that I was just forgetful because of my c-section,” said Remulla in her post.

“Then we found out that it was her because she had photos wearing my Fendi bag, and she ended up admitting to me she took my jewellery because she was scared that we would put her to jail (where she’s already been) but my husband and I thought that she was already a seasoned thief so we opted to report everything to the police any way and go through court hearings.”

Remulla, a former HK resident, is married to Rep. Ping Remulla

Remulla, who used to live in Hong Kong herself, said Delfon was ordered arrested after she stopped attending the hearings of the theft case against her. Her Php90,000 bail was consequently forfeited.

After the helper disappeared, Remulla said she found out that Delfon had managed to get a job as a domestic helper abroad, even though there was a hold departure order against her.

Magkano? Pindutin ito!

Remulla also alleged that the helper – whose connections appear to have trumped those of her father-in-law, Justice Secretary Crispin "Boying" Remulla - managed to change her name “multiple times in the past and pretends to be a domestic helper to steal from her employers.” 

Delfon’s former employer in Taiwan reportedly reached out to Remulla after seeing one of her posts on social media, and claimed that the Filipina had also stolen from her, for which she was jailed for two years.

After her latest arrest, Delfon managed to post bail after allegedly stealing Php100,000 from her Chinese employer, Remulla claimed.


The irate employer shared a link to Delfon’s new Facebook account under the name “Muchen Yuze”, where she has posted “reels’” showing her in various poses. One photo she posted on Feb 28 this year shows a night shot of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

'Muchen Yuze' posted this photo after starting to work in HK

Piqued by the post, several Filipinas working in Hong Kong sent messages to “Muchen Yuze” to ask her if it was true that she had stolen stuff from her former employer in the Philippines and she replied with “hindi naman ganyan ang kuwento” (that’s not the real story) and “wala namang nawala sa kanya” (she didn’t lose anything).

To another , she asked repeatedly, “Paki delete na lang.” (Please just delete the post)

Pindutin para sa detalye

Remulla, replying to a query in her post, confirmed that all the items stolen had been returned. “We had our driver get them from her. He also testified for us,” she said.

She said she did not know about Delfon’s previous brushes with the law but found out about them on further investigations.

“We found out she changed her name because she was jailed in the past. And we found out it’s her regular doing to steal and lie to her employers.”

She decided to issue a warning on Facebook because she heard Delfon had moved to an employer in Stanley where she now looks after children – “and it’s so unsafe for her to be around kids.”

A few hours after posting her allegations against Delfon, Remulla hid the post in her own Facebook wall, but it can still be searched online as several other people have reposted it.

The SUN has sent a message to Remulla asking for some clarification, and to Delfon to ask if she wanted to dispute her former employer’s claims, but neither has responded so far.


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