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Ice forms in HK's highest peak as residents shiver amid cold snap

23 January 2024

Frost on plant in Tai Mo Shan (RTHK photo)

Hong Kong people shivered in the coldest day of the year, with temperatures in urban areas hovering between five and eight degrees throughout the day, and about two degrees lower in  the New Territories.

It was even colder in Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong's highest peak, where the mercury plummeted to minus 2.4 degrees, causing ice to form on plants and on the ground.


The rare prospect of seeing ice and frost caused a number of people to go up the hill, prompting the government to close all lanes of Tai Mo Shan Road for public safety.

But this did not deter some people in surrounding areas from taking a walk up the hill to behold the rare sight, and take pictures.

People bundled up before going to work or school

Others who revelled in the cold also took to social media to show how they geared up for the weather outside, or to take screenshots of temperatures falling to as low as 2 or 3 degrees in their parts of the New Territories.

The Observatory also issued a warning to the public, especially motorists and cyclists, to be wary of slippery roads. It also advised people that they could feel colder than what the temperatures suggest.


 “As there will be rain and the wind chill effect will be significant, the temperature felt by body will be lower than the actual air temperature,” said the Observatory.

The extreme cold is expected to continue until tomorrow, when there will be more intermittent showers, and temperatures of between 7 and 12 degrees in the urban areas.

The cold spell is expected to last until at least Thursday morning.

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