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OWWA admits system glitch behind e-card application failure

02 March 2020

The OWWA system glitch gives wrong information on OFW members

An apparent flaw in the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration database that appears during OFW e-card application put the government agency on the defensive during the Consulate’s meeting with Filipino community leaders on Sunday, Mar 1.

The problem, as pointed out by Babes Leonardo of the Bicol Migrants Hong Kong Association, is that each time she tried to access the OWWA site as required when completing her e-card application, her request was unsuccessful.
When she tried to download OWWA’s mobile app, the system told her she was inactive yet she had paid $196 for membership when she renewed her contract nearly a year ago.

That means another visit to the OWWA with her payment receipt to for her status to be updated, she said.  


OWWA Welfare Officer Virsie Tamayao, who was asked to answer Leonardo’s query during the open forum, admitted many workers had the same problem when applying for the e-card.

Tamayao said when applying for an e-card, a worker should have her passport with one year validity, OEC with six months validity, as well as OWWA membership all updated to access the site.

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“Madalas na reklamo yung OWWA membership, hindi daw siya updated,” Tamayao said. She said there had been several complaints involving OWWA’s system when workers apply for e-cards.

Tamayao said an e-card applicant can dial a number provided when registering to access the system or she can seek assistance from OWWA, which will verify her records in the agency’s database.

“Updated yung OWWA. There must be something wrong with the system,” Tamayao said. She begged for patience, saying OWWA is also trying to address the issue. – Vir B. Lumicao
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