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Baby who traveled with infected DH among 5 new cases of Covid-19

14 April 2020

By The SUN

The baby, though without symptoms, has been taken to PYN Eastern Hospital for treatment 

A 14-month-old baby girl who traveled with her family from London, along with their foreign domestic worker who tested positive for Covid-19 earlier, is among the new confirmed cases reported in Hong Kong today, Apr 13.

A stool sample from the baby, who has no symptoms, reportedly turned an initial positive result on Apr 9, and a second test confirmed the finding. She was taken to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital for treatment.

Two days earlier, her family’s 32-year-old domestic worker was found infected while under quarantine in her employer’s flat in Old Peak Road, Mid-Levels. After she tested positive, the employer’s family was put in a quarantine center, where the baby was also found to have the virus.
Records from the Centre for Health Protection show the domestic worker was in the United Kingdom from Feb 1 to Apr 7. On Mar 28 she developed a fever there, but records do not show if she had sought treatment.

On Apr 7 she, along with her employer’s family, traveled on Cathay Pacific flight CX 252 from London.  Her seat number was 60A, while the baby was on 16G/D, apparently with her parents.
After testing positive, the helper was sent to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment.

Her employers remain under observation in the quarantine centre.

Meanwhile, three other confirmed cases had also flown in from abroad. One visited the U.K., another, Indonesia, while a third was on board the Coral Princess cruise ship that traveled from Argentina and Paraguay.

The fifth case is a family member of a previously reported case.

Hong Kong’s total tally has now reached 1,010, and today is the second consecutive day that the number on infections was below 10.

Health officials warn the numbers may spike again after the holidays if people persist on gathering 

Despite the apparent sign that the contamination has slowed down, CHP’s Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan has repeated the warning for people not to get complacent.

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"I think the low number of cases reported may be related to the low number of travelers coming back to Hong Kong, because if the denominator is fewer, then the numerators are fewer, because most of the cases recently reported are imported cases,” Chuang said. “So it may be related to the number of travelers.”

She also said the lower numbers could be due to fewer tests being carried out by private clinics that have shut down over the four-day Easter break.

Like other health experts, she said a further outbreak could happen within the next two weeks if people continue to ignore the government’s rules on social distancing.

"Because in the recent few days we have seen a lot of people coming out, we cannot exclude the possibility of a further outbreak in one or two weeks’ time, but it may not be tomorrow because there is a lap time of incubation period for this virus,” she said.

The warning comes as thousands of people again ventured outdoors to take advantage of the good weather during the long weekend which ends today.

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